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Below you will find the brief info about Zebit, user reviews and the list of the most similar sites.

Some Facts About Zebit

Zebit is an online shop where customers can get $2500 interest-free credit and pay for products over time. Purchasing products requires users to be at least 18 years old, but aside from that, only applicants, who have retired, are employed or are disabled with benefits can become a member. A FICO score is not needed. Depending on the type of product, the shipping method can vary. The shipping methods include UPS, FedEx and USPS, but when it comes to large items such as furniture, Zebit has a home delivery service that brings the items to the customer’s house, but it also has a white glove delivery where they not only bring what’s been ordered, but also properly set it up in the desired room.

Zebit Features

  • Online shop with $2500 interest-free credit
  • Only employed, retired or disabled with benefits at least 18 years old can apply
  • No FICO score is required

Sites Like Zebit

Sites like Zebit help consumers with online shopping and make it easier to pay in installments and buy various products from their favorite brands.

The Zebit Company is designed and established to help various consumers who want to buy certain products but can’t pay the full price upfront. Zebit offers its customers free credit of up to $2500 with no hidden monthly costs, no FICO score needed and 0% interest. Consumers are offered a variety of products from the highest quality brands in many categories, such as car tires, electronics, fashion, home & décor, furniture and more.

Registration is completely free and anyone who is over 18 years old and who is actively employed, retired or disallowed with benefits is eligible to apply. Zebit approves new users based on their identity verification and social security number to check the inflow of money and other assets; this information is completely secure and encrypted to the highest standards. Some of the best shipping services like UPS, FedEx and USPS are available for shipment and all orders are shipped and delivered within 7-10 business days from the date of ordering the product. All tracking information via email is available to all customers.

Payments are made through credit/debit cards and users have the choice of manual or auto payments, which are made weekly or monthly, depending on the price of the product. Unfortunately, Zebit doesn’t support the replacement or return of the product unless it is damaged during transport; technical support is available for any uncertainties or additional questions.

Zebit is a great place to shop at; it is completely safe with a large selection of quality products available, low monthly installments and 0% interest. If you’re looking for more similar sites then scroll down below and explore the ones on this list.

HSN site preview


  • Various products to buy
  • Watch HSN TV and HSN2 TV that air various shows showing items
  • FlexPay – pay in installments
Fingerhut site preview


  • Online retailer with brand products
  • Customers can apply for a credit account issued by WebBank
  • With credit account customers can pay monthly for products they purchased – items priced between $70 and $99.99 are paid $9.99/month, while products below or above that price range have a different monthly amount
Afterpay site preview


  • Payment system connected with many stores
  • Use Afterpay to pay in 4 installments – no fees if paid on time
  • Hardship policy for those suffering unforeseen circumstances
Seventh Avenue site preview

Seventh Avenue

  • US store featuring furniture, electronics, outdoor items and more
  • Shop normally or pay in monthly installments with Seventh Avenue Credit
  • Monthly payment varies – if an order is between $50.01 and $200, the required amount is $20/month
  • No annual fees – interest charges and penalty fees vary by state
MDG site preview


  • US e-commerce with computers, furniture, appliances, mattresses and more
  • Pre-qualify for $3000 in credit
  • MDG Club Subscribers can buy exclusive items – $8.95/month
Overstock site preview


  • Great sales up to 70%
  • Free shipping for US orders over $45
  • Yearly membership for $19.95: free shipping, up to $40 rewards for reviews and more
QVC site preview


  • American online store and television network
  • Watch QVC’s 4 TV channels online: QVC TV, QVC2 TV, QVC3 TV and BeautyiQ TV
  • Pay in monthly installments using Easy Pay
FlexShopper site preview


  • US-only electronics rent-to-own store
  • Pay for products weekly – own the item if all payments are made in 1 year
  • Personal Shopper – get a product not listed on the site but is available on Amazon, Newegg, Walmart and more
The Shopping Channel (TSC) site preview

The Shopping Channel (TSC)

  • Canadian channel with products from various known brands
  • Watch shows live on site, see program guide, aired items
  • Apply for a TSC credit card – includes exclusives offers & events, free shipping on birthday and more (not available in Quebec)
Gettington site preview


  • Purchase electronics, toys, furniture and more
  • Apply for Gettington Credit account to pay for products in monthly installments – the monthly amount varies, with purchases of up to $500 seeing customers pay $30/month or less
  • Optional 1-year or more service plans that allow customers to get reimbursement or have products replaced or fixed
StoneBerry site preview


  • US online store with thousands of products that don’t have to be fully paid at once
  • Stoneberry Credit – pay in monthly installments for the products they purchase
  • The amount paid per month varies depending on the product price, shipping and processing fees
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