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37 Best Strategy Games

Best Strategy Games

The strategy genre is one of the most popular gaming genres. It covers a wide variety of types such as fast-paced RTS games and slower paced grand strategy 4x games. We’ve compiled a list here of some of the best strategy games currently on the market. They vary from old . . . Read more

20 Best Tower Defense Games

Best Tower Defense Games

A subgenre of strategy games, tower defense is where a player defends their territories or possessions by building defensive structures along the enemy’s line of attack. Tower defense is commonly seen as a subgenre of real-time strategy though some games do incorporate turn-based elements. It relies on clever positioning and . . . Read more

29 Best Turn-Based Strategy Games

Best Turn-Based Strategy Games

The turn-based strategy genre has its origin in board games and remains a popular niche market despite the onward march of technology. Players enjoy the in-depth thinking and strategic decisions they can ponder over, a welcome break from more faster-paced games such as Starcraft. Here we have compiled a list . . . Read more

17 Best WW2 Games

Best WW2 Games

No single conflict is seared in the public imagination more than the Second World War. It is a conflict that has inspired thousands of films, books, tv series, and of course, games. The immense six year war touched nearly every corner of the world, the last true total war of . . . Read more

15 Best Grand Strategy Games

Best Grand Strategy Games

Grand strategy games dispense with the micromanagement that is so often seen in the strategy genre. They prefer to focus on the macro level, the big decisions. Generally, these games focus on strategic level issues, ones that can affect an entire game world in one fell swoop. Here is our . . . Read more

13 Best City-Building Games

Best City-Building Games

City building games are a genre of simulation games where players become the overall planner and leader of a city or town. They become responsible for its growth and manage its policies. The players choose where to build and how the city will develop. These games cover a wide variety . . . Read more

20 Best RTS Games

Best RTS Games

A mainstay of gaming, the RTS genre is one that tests players ingenuity and intellect more so than most others. With settings taking inspiration from history, fantasy, and science fiction, here we’ve collected a list of titles from over two decades for you to peruse. Command & Conquer Series The . . . Read more

21 Best 4X Games

Best 4X Games

The 4x genre has seen a huge rise in popularity in the last few years. Empire building has always been popular but the allure of eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate; is one that’s too much to resist for many players. The deep complexity of the games has seen their popularity . . . Read more

11 Best Space Strategy Games

Best Space Strategy Games

The fictional settings of the games allow for a wide variety of creativity and freedom from the restrictions that historical games must adhere to. Our list of titles offers hours of guaranteed entertainment with each game. Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion An epic of the RTS genre, Sins of . . . Read more

12 Best MOBA Games

Best MOBA Games

A relatively new genre, MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), also known as ARTS (Action Real Time Strategy), grew out of the strategy genre. It has a player take control of one character on a team and compete to destroy the opposing enemies’ structures. Teams are usually assisted by weaker computer . . . Read more