Upwork Alternatives and Similar Sites

Below you will find the brief info about Upwork, user reviews and the list of the most similar sites.

Some Facts About Upwork

Upwork is one of the most popular and largest freelance sites. Connect with freelancers or agencies worldwide and get the job done. Posting a job is free. Choose from four plans Upwork provides for employers: Basic, Plus, Business, Enterprise. Each plan brings greater benefits. What is different about Upwork is that you have to use their connections when applying for a job, a minimum of 2 connections, but if you get an invitation for an interview then it’s free. Employer commission is 2.75% for successful work. Freelancers have a 20% to 5% commission, the more you earn with one employer the lower the commission with the same employer. Use Upwork's video call or chat system to connect with a client, share files, and track your projects, even on your mobile phone.

Upwork Features

  • The most popular site connected with the largest companies
  • Four different employer subscriptions – one free
  • Low fee for the employer

Sites Like Upwork

Sites like Upwork are sites for freelancers and for those looking for them. If you’re looking for more places to find jobs at, offer services or post jobs yourself, then this list is for you.

Freelancer.com site preview


Probably the most known freelance site next to Upwork, Freelancer allows job seekers to freely sign up and bid for projects. The amount a freelancer can bid for free is 8 per month. A bid can be sponsored or highlighted (not for free); those who sponsor have their bid moved up to the top of the bid list, while those who highlight their bid for $1 have it stand out to the employer in a visual way. There is a small project fee if the bid is accepted, which depends on the amount you have bid. When it comes to payments, for fixed projects Freelancer deducts 10% or $5 while for hourly projects it is 10%. Aside from projects, freelancers can also take part in contests, where Freelancer also takes 10% or $5 and offering services is also an option, but here the fee is 20%.
Guru.com site preview


At Guru applying for a job means sending a proposal called a Quote. Sending Quotes costs bids, which free members get 10 per month. Those who would like their proposals to be at the top of the list of quotes will have to send a Premium Quote, which costs a few bids depending on your membership level, and it requires having one of 3 out of 4 paid membership levels in order to use it. This freelancer site strives to make communication between freelancers doing the same job and the employer smooth via WorkRooms, where members can not only chat and have specific roles assigned, but can also share files, create invoices and use a time tracker for hourly payments.
Hubstaff Talent site preview

Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent has a somewhat different system in place compared to Upwork. Of course, setting up a profile is free, but not only that, there are no other fees at all. No percentage is taken on your payments, and in fact, payments do not have to be made through Hubstaff’s website. There are hourly and fixed jobs, including full-time 40 hour/week ones. If you’re looking for a website that doesn’t take any amount of your pay, then maybe you should check this one out.
Truelancer site preview


Truelancer not only has jobs to apply for, but also contests to take part in and the option to buy and sell services for a certain amount. There are 20 free proposals per month for freelancers to use, with more available for purchase, for $4 at 5 proposals. The project and service fee for freelancers with a free account is 10%. There are 3 paid membership plans that can be billed monthly or annually: Basic, Pro and Plus. The Pro and Plus memberships lower the service fee to 8%, but all of them do increase the number of free proposals per month.
Flexjobs site preview


Flexjobs has all sorts of different jobs to find. Here, there are not only jobs that can be done from home, but there are even ones that require you to work at the desired location. There are jobs with flexible and alternative schedules, part-time work, partial remote jobs and more. Using FlexJobs however is not free. Fully viewing everything available and applying for jobs requires paying $14.95/month, $29.95/quarter or $49.95/year.
Twago site preview


If you’re a European then maybe you’ll want to take a look at this freelance platform where you can freely create a profile and bid using Credits. You can get 50 of those for free, and if you do happen to get a project you bid for, then Twago takes a 10% fee from your pay. This can be lowered to 7% with a Gold membership that also comes with unlimited bids and is priced at $99/month billed annually. Those who would like to upgrade their profile but would prefer something cheaper than Gold may want to try Basic Plus that is $29/month billed for 3 months and includes 50 Credits every month and an ad-free profile.
Freeeup site preview


Freeeup strives to have a freelancer pool that is certain to offer quality work to employers. Every week the staff goes through hundreds of applications, carefully selecting the top 1%. The freelancers chosen can fall under one of 3 different levels: Basic level, Mid level or Expert level. A Basic freelancer can earn average from $5 to $10/hour, a Mid level freelancer $10-$30/hour and an Expert one can earn from $25 to $75+ per hour. Prices vary from one profession to another. Submission to become Freeeup’s top 1% is free, and might be worth a try.
ServiceScape site preview


If you’re an editor, translator, graphic designer or writer, then ServiceScape is for you. There are no projects here; instead, you offer services that customers can buy. A custom project can be set up though if the services available aren’t what someone is looking for. ServiceScape takes 50% regardless of profession.
Toptal site preview


At Toptal, registering as a freelancer requires passing a screening process. They only accept the best freelancers, that is, the top 3% out of thousands that apply every month. Their curated pool of freelancers consists of software developers, designers, product managers, project managers and finance experts – if you’re experienced in one or more of these fields, then you may want to check Toptal out.
Outsourcely site preview


Those looking for full-time or part-time remote work and don’t want the site to be placing any fees on payments may want to check out Outsourcely, where there are remote workers working in one of 8 main categories: web development, customer service, administrative support, business services, sales & marketing, writing & content, mobile applications or design & multimedia. The site has an instant messaging system in place with support for video and voice messaging, while employers pay remote workers directly.
Fiverr site preview


Fiverr is all about offering services. Whether its creating logos for a certain amount or writing articles for a certain price, Fiverr is sure to have a category for the type of service you’d like to offer. Services on Fiverr are called Gigs and for each Gig you can set up different packages for customers to choose, with you appropriately pricing each depending on what you want them to contain. Apart from services, buyers can set up buyer requests if they can’t find a suitable Gig, allowing sellers to find it and give an offer. Sellers can also be contacted by those in need of some more specific, personalized work – in this case a custom offer can be set up.
SolidGigs site preview


SolidGigs aims to find you the best available jobs by going through almost 100 sites and sending you a list of jobs they deem to be the best you can find. They also offer a resource library consisting of hundreds of video and written lessons, interviews, e-books and more. To make use of all this though requires paying $2 for a 30-day trial, after which you can continue by paying $19/month.
PeoplePerHour site preview


After registering and completing an application process, freelancers can post offers (services) as well as send proposals to projects, but can also be contacted for custom work. Add-ons can be placed on offers that buyers can choose to either select as part of their order or not. There is also the option to pay for the offer to be featured, meaning that it is much more visible on the website – this also means that there are featured proposals, which means employers are instantly notified of the proposal, and is also more visible on the list of proposals. There is a service fee that depends on how much money has been billed with an employer. Below $350 the fee is 20%, over $7000 is 3.5%, and everything in between is 7.5%. The minimum Service Fee per invoice is $3.5.
TextBroker site preview


If you’re a writer and are a US citizen with a US bank account then maybe you’ll feel at home at Textbroker, where all projects have to do with some form of writing. The minimum amount to withdraw is $10 via PayPal. Once you register, you’ll have to write a short article for Textbroker to review and determine your rating, which affects what projects you can take. As you write articles Textbroker will review them and adjust your rating accordingly. There are 3 different orders writers can take: OpenOrder, DirectOrder and TeamOrder. OpenOrders are basically jobs you can find and do, DirectOrders are specific for you to do and TeamOrders are, well, projects a group of writers do together. Your rating affects the amount you earn for OpenOrders, with 2-star rated writers earning 0.7 cents/word, while for DirectOrders the minimum is 2 cents/word and for TeamOrders it is 1.755 cents/word.
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