Fiverr Alternatives and Similar Sites

Below you will find the brief info about Fiverr, user reviews and the list of the most similar sites.

Some Facts About Fiverr

Fiverr is a freelance site where people of varied professions offer a wide range of different services. From logo design, articles, legal writing and social medial marketing to character modeling, sound effects, web programming and game development; Fiverr is filled to the brim with diverse categories to choose from. List your own useful service at a reasonable price and grow to become a reputable, trusted business or view what others offer and pay for their expertise that will add quality to whatever you need. Fiverr Pro helps you find the most professional freelancers hand-picked by Fiverr itself, assuring their services are worth paying for. Head over to Fiverr Studio to find teams ready to help you with your project.

Fiverr Features

  • Site for freelancers providing services
  • Put your own service at a sensible price
  • Fiverr Pro – find services certified, chosen by Fiverr
  • Fiverr Studio – teams ready to help on various projects

Sites Like Fiverr

Sites like Fiverr help freelancers offer their services and skills to a variety of customers. Anyone who wants to start a business and earn from their knowledge, and work from the comfort of their home with people all over the world for shorter or longer terms, may want to check out these sites down below.

Zeerk site preview


Zeerk is a site that brings together freelancers and employers from small or large businesses in various fields. The cheapest service costs $3 and the most expensive up to $200 depending on length and complexity. Zeerk covers a wide variety of popular categories from advertising services to animation. Companies or employers compare freelancers by their skills and service price, communicate, and after the work is done, they pay the seller for their work. Register for free, with no monthly fees, while Zeerk takes 10% commission from sellers for every successful project. Payments are made through PayPal.
Upwork site preview


Upwork is a specialized platform for connecting employers and freelancers worldwide. There are various plans that Upwork offers its users from the Basic plan which is completely free, Plus membership for $49.99/month to the Business plan which costs $499/month for additional options and benefits. After registration, freelancers need to complete their profile and start bidding on listed projects. Connections are used for bidding, of which a minimum of 2 connections are used for each proposal. One connection costs $0.15 which can be purchased via credit card or PayPal. Upwork deducts a 20% commission for all freelancers with each employer, but after the first $500 earned from the specific employer then the commission with them is lower. site preview


On the Freelancer crowdsourcing platform, employers find the world's best workers for their small or large businesses. A network of over 40 million users connected worldwide for all fields, for web design, marketing, sales, or any other type of service. Registration is free for all members, and employers pay a commission of 3% or a fixed $3, depending on the type of project, after having their project successfully completed. There are 5 types of Freelancer membership from $0.99 for the Intro membership to $69.95/month or year for Premier users, for additional exclusive benefits. Each freelancer fills their portfolio and applies for projects. For each successfully completed task Freelancer charges a commission of 10% of the agreed amount.
Envato Studio site preview

Envato Studio

Envato Studio is a community that brings together high quality freelancers and customers who need specific service from all around the world. The platform covers all popular categories from logo design and web programming to video and audio editing and the like. Freelancers are charged with 30% commission from the agreed price with the employer upon successfully completing the task. Envato Studio is free for all members without any monthly fee.
PeoplePerHour site preview


If you are looking for the right business expert for you, PeoplePerHour is the right place to grow your business. Connect with the best freelancers for any type of work; pay by the hour or per project securely after a job is done successfully. PeoplePerHour is completely free for everyone. Most loyal employers can earn a Premium membership without monthly fees but with various benefits. On every purchased service, buyers reduce their service fee on subsequent purchases. Bronze, Silver and Gold tiers are available, and for every $1 spent they get 1 point, collecting points and unlocking other memberships, and after reaching Gold membership there is no service fee. For freelancers, PeoplePerHour takes commissions after successfully completing a task, and commissions vary depending on lifetime earnings per client, ranging from 20% to 3.5%. site preview

Search and find over a million freelancers offering their services at flexible rates for all types of businesses. Guru connects employers with professionals in a completely secure way, setting up a job is free, comparing offers from freelancers and selecting the ones that suit you best based on their reviews and ratings. Share data, communicate with your employee and pay when you are 100% satisfied. Guru charges the employer for each successful payment, a 2.9% fee through secure payment methods. Freelancers make job offers or get a job recommendation based on their skills. From each earnings, Guru automatically deducts a 5%-9% fee depending on membership level. Basic membership is free of charge and there are 4 more memberships: Basic+, Professional, Business, Executive; which cost from $8.95-$39.95/month for additional biddings, smaller commissions and other benefits.
Konker site preview


KonKer is a fast-growing market that offers employers the opportunity to buy any kind of business service from numerous freelancers who are ready to meet any requirements for their clients. The platform has categories such as marketing, SEO, graphic and web design, and other services. KonKer is a similar site like Fiverr, registration is free, and the principle is similar to finding and setting up a specific service. The services are paid via PayPal and a fee of 5% is charged for all freelancers who sell their services through KonKer. The affiliate option is also available to all members who, when a referral successfully makes a purchase, receive 17.5% cashback as a reward.
Truelancer site preview


Truelancer lets you connect with the best remote talents from around the world to meet your requirements in as little time as possible. Over a million professionals are ready in all fields, whether you need a programmer, designer or content writer, browse and find your true talent in various categories. Truelancer is free for everyone but provides the opportunity for additional benefits through 3 different monthly plans: Basic, Pro and Plus. Each membership offers a greater choice of adding skills, more proposals per month, less project/service fees, and other advantages. Basic membership costs $5/month, the other two $10 and $50/month or annually.
Toptal site preview


Toptal is a global company that connects freelancers with small and large companies. Exclusive network for only the most talented workers worldwide, through rigorous screening process Toptal accepts only 3% of applicants every month. The database covers professions such as developers, designers, finance experts, project managers and product managers. Employers set up a project and an expert team from Toptal connects them with the right expert for their business as soon as possible. Toptal requires from the employers a minimum deposit of $500 to use for the first payment after hiring the selected expert. Freelancers at Toptal earn a minimum of $60/hour, with payments made twice a month via PayPal or major credit cards.
Outsourcely site preview


Outsourcely helps startups and businesses find vetted freelancers worldwide. The fastest-growing marketplace founded in 2014 has over 400,000 remote workers in all types of professions ready to meet all requirements for their employers. Set up a specific job or find a freelancer based on specific skills. Outsourcely has 3 monthly plans: Individual $19, Small Business $59 and Professional $229. Each plan has its advantages: a higher limit of private chat connections with remote workers, job posts or live video & voice interviewing. The user can cancel the membership within 30 days and refund their money if not satisfied with the service.
Freeeup site preview


Freeeup is a place that brings together freelancers and agencies for clients all around the world in a completely secure way. Clients gain access to talents through 85+ different skillsets, whether it’s Amazon sales or advertising campaigns or any other profession, pay $5 to $75+ per hour depending on the skill level of freelancers. Freeeup offers its clients pre-vetted freelancers for any type of business, at no monthly cost. Freeeup charges the client upfront 15% of each project initiated and payments to freelancers are made via PayPal or Payoneer every week for all users. Freeeup referral program offers from $0.25 to $0.50 for every recommended business owner or freelancer that starts using Freeeup services.
SEOclerks site preview


SEOClerks is an online marketplace for buying and selling different services. The platform covers diverse categories from SEO optimization, content writing, programming, tutorials and other things. The site charges customers a $0.55 fee for each service purchased. Sellers who successfully sell their service pay a commission fee of 20%. Registration is free for all members, and users improve their membership from level 1 to level 5 automatically with each purchase/sale on the marketplace. Higher level means higher privileges such as reduced time for payments, refunds and more.
Fivesquid site preview


Fiversquid is a UK company that offers its online community a wide range of services. A completely secure platform that connects sellers offering their services cheaply from £5 to £50 to customers worldwide. Buyers have the option to set up their specific project if they have not found their desired service. Fiversquid is completely free for all users, and there is a Pro Seller option for all sellers with benefits such as more credit for setting up your service, custom pricing and other benefits with a one-time payment membership option for £20.
99designs site preview


99designs is an online community that brings together all creative freelancers and clients from around the world. A wide selection of categories of professions and everything related to design can be found. 99designs offers 4 membership types: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each package brings a higher limit for design concepts, project placement and other options. The cheapest plan costs $299 and the most expensive plan $1,299. There is a Pro membership for Agencies that costs $500 a year with premium tools and a dedicated account manager that will connect you with the best talents. The platform fee is paid by all users, for each 1-to-1 project clients pay a 5% fee, and freelancers from 5-15% depending on the level of expertise.
Microworkers site preview


Microworkers is a crowdsourcing platform where people post micro jobs. Over a million active users are ready to do any type of work in just a few minutes, in all fields of business. There are ready-made templates that can be customized as well as easy to run campaigns. Microworkers charges a 7.5% employer fee for each campaign done and a $0.75 marketplace approval fee. Freelancers must have a minimum of $9 + fees on their account in order to withdraw their funds to the 3 methods selected: Skrill, Payoneer and PayPal.
Codeable site preview


Codeable is a professional marketplace for all types of businesses looking to solve any WordPress issues. The most powerful WordPress freelancers around the world are ready to satisfy the needs of the customer. Codeable recommends that clients set aside between $70- $120 per hour for each project depending on the complexity of the job. An additional commission of 17.5% per project is charged. In case the client is not satisfied with the job done, a refund is guaranteed.
Designcrowd site preview


DesignCrowd helps clients around the world find their perfect design in a fast and easy way. Clients set up projects or design contests and in the short term receive various offers from freelancers with their designs. Setting up a project is charged up to $129 and a 4% transaction fee for completing a purchase. Registration is free for designers, but DesignCrowd retains 15% commission on each successful project for its services. Refund is guaranteed if the client is not satisfied with the design done.
Workmarket site preview


WorkMarket is a professional platform that helps clients better organize, manage and pay their employees. With tools built in, clients can easily track and report their costs, freelance performance, and many other things. Freelancers have the opportunity to work at WorkMarket by finding the right client with the systems algorithm in a completely secure way. The standard fee for all clients is 10% for each assignment provided, and the workers are left with the full agreed amount.
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