Kinguin Alternatives and Similar Sites

Below you will find the brief info about Kinguin, user reviews and the list of the most similar sites.

Some Facts About Kinguin

Buy popular games cheap at Kinguin, a worldwide place for purchasing and selling video game keys, including Steam keys, Uplay keys and much more. But it’s not only the base games that are buyable; there is software too, as well as DLCs and bundles. View what’s currently popular, take a look at bestsellers and sort by genre, platform and more. Create an account and visit the site daily to collect free Ninja Krowns, a currency that can be used on giveaways and buying Ninja Packs. Ninja Packs can contain a variety of different items that can be destroyed to earn more Ninja Krowns. Earn 3 Ninja Krowns on every euro spent.

Kinguin Features

  • Buy and sell game keys, DLCs, software
  • Collect free currency called Ninja Krowns
  • Use Ninja Krowns on giveaways featuring renowned titles
  • Buy Ninja Packs using Ninja Krowns; earn diverse items that can be shredded for more free Ninja Krowns

Sites Like Kinguin

Sites like Kinguin are digital storefronts aimed at offering you games at lower prices than you’d usually find on the main platforms. These sites may not only include great discounts on indie and triple-A games, but might also offer DLCs, subscriptions for services like Xbox Live, PS Plus and more. Some of them may even let you sell unused game keys.

Kinguin is a popular gaming-themed marketplace. It not only lets you find great deals lasting for a certain amount of time for old and new games, but it also lets you pre-order anticipated games at nice discounts. You can shop in over 20 different currencies not just games, but also software, online courses and more. Those who have any spare game keys can sell them and use the money gained to buy other products on Kinguin.

The store has a virtual currency called Ninja Krowns. Ninja Krowns can be collected daily with a registered account, but they can also be earned on every dollar or regional equivalent spent on the website. It can be used to buy Ninja Packs but also for participating in AAA giveaways. Ninja Packs give you 4 random items. If you don’t find the items to be of any use to you, then they can be shredded and turned into Ninja Krowns.

If you haven’t used Kinguin yet but are looking for a site offering games at less than their retail price then you may want to check it out; but if you’ve already browsed through Kinguin and were unable to find the game at the price you’re looking for, then maybe this list has a site at just the right price you’re able to pay for. Whatever your needs, we hope this list of sites like Kinguin has one or more you’ll like.

G2a site preview


  • Most popular marketplace for reselling game keys
  • Find low prices on excellent titles; keys for various launchers and consoles
  • Filter by price, view bestsellers and more
  • G2A Plus subscription includes even better discounts, giveaways and more
HumbleBundle site preview


  • Buy once, receive the game on all supported systems and listed platforms
  • Humble Rewards – keep 10% in your Humble Wallet, give 10% to charity, or a bit of both
  • Choose from thousands of charities to support
Gamivo site preview


  • Low prices of games, software
  • Buy gift cards, FIFA packs and more
  • Gamivo Smart – VIP subscription for $2.24/month
  • Subscription offers exclusive discounts, live customer service, giveaways, customer protection and notifications on best deals
CDkeys site preview


  • Low prices on new and old games
  • Includes DLC, subscriptions and more
  • Features exclusive deals of up to 90%
  • Daily deals, featured new releases
  • Google Chrome extension – easily check the CDKeys price and availability of a game you find on the net
Eneba site preview


  • Subscribe to the newsletter and earn discount codes
  • Optional registration when purchasing
  • View current bestsellers and pre-order titles coming soon
GreenManGaming site preview

Green Man Gaming

  • Video game retailer and publisher
  • Own indie area for indie titles and site-published games
  • A whole Community section with forums, blog and newsroom
  • Game Hubs – guides, info on various titles
HRKgame site preview


  • Video game keys, software and more
  • Make your own bundles
  • Trade, enter giveaways
  • Newsroom – gaming articles
MMOGA site preview


  • Buy video game keys and virtual items
  • Weekend deals including AAA titles
  • Game keys given 5-10 minutes after purchase
InstantGaming site preview

Instant Gaming

  • Register and buy CD keys received instantly for Steam, PlayStation 4 and more
  • Refund is possible if key is not used; can take up to 10 days
  • Watch YouTubers and Twitch streamers partnered with InstantGaming
GamesPlanet site preview


  • Official retailer since 2006
  • Buy games for Windows, Mac or Linux
  • Fantastic deals on many games
GamersGate site preview


  • Over 6000 games for PC including Windows, Mac, Linux
  • DRM-free games available as well as Steam keys and keys for other platforms
  • Buy games with earnable currency: Blue Coins
  • Game Tutor- ask & answer game-related questions
GamesDeal site preview


  • Digital platform for game keys, DLC and more
  • Available PC platforms are Steam, Origin, Uplay and
  • Find top games of the year at good discounts
  • Purchase memberships such as Xbox Live, PlayStation Plus and more
SCDkey site preview


  • Running since 2008
  • Purchase games for various platforms, software, MMO items and more
  • Read gaming news
  • Game Requests – suggest unavailable games, including platform and price
G2play site preview


  • Buy and sell game keys
  • Tons of different currencies available
  • Apply for a merchant account to be able to put a lot of keys up for sale at once
  • Add games you like the most to your favorites list
GameFlip site preview


  • Buy digital and physical games, game-related items, movies, accessories, collectibles
  • More than 2 million listings every month
  • Game Hubs – buy items related to a specific eSports game and watch useful videos that help you improve
  • Sell digital and physical products
  • Gigs - offer or use services
Fanatical site preview


  • Online retailer featuring thousands of licensed digital games at substantial discounts
  • Gaming bundles, eBook bundles
  • Bundles where you choose what you’d like included
  • Mystery bundles – purchase a number of unknown keys that might be something great
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