HumbleBundle Alternatives and Similar Sites

Below you will find the brief info about HumbleBundle, user reviews and the list of the most similar sites.

Some Facts About HumbleBundle

Humble Bundle is one of the most popular digital stores out there, known for contributing to charities. Check out featured games, new and trending titles, most upcoming pre-ordered games, the best deals and more on the Humble Store. When buying on the Humble Store, you not only receive the game for Windows, but you also get a version for all the systems it is available on. Support charity with Humble Rewards, where on each purchase you are given an option to give up to 10% to charity or to keep in your Humble Wallet, also letting you do both with sliders adjusting the percentage you give and keep. Pick one out of many charities.

HumbleBundle Features

  • Buy once, receive the game on all supported systems and listed platforms
  • Humble Rewards – keep 10% in your Humble Wallet, give 10% to charity, or a bit of both
  • Choose from thousands of charities to support

Sites Like HumbleBundle

Sites like Humble Bundle are all about buying games at usually lower than retail prices. Some might, like Humble Bundle, also have bundles and other stuff to buy. Some may let you sell game keys, and some might have their own neat additions.
Whatever the case, if you’re looking for more sites like Humble Bundle, then maybe you’ll like these similar ones you can read about down below on this list.

Fanatical site preview


At Fanatical, you can find bundles up to 99% off! The bundles are only not video game related, but there are software bundles and e-book bundles too. E-book bundles are typically tech-related, giving you books on topics such as web development, programming, animation and more. As for games, well, there are genre-based bundles but also franchise bundles. Fanatical also has a game bundle called the ‘Mystery Bundle’. These bundles contain tons of different games, and you can choose how many mystery keys to buy for a chance to get a triple-A or indie title. Apart from that, Fanatical, just like Humble Bundle, is a store and thus, apart from neat bundles also has various great deals that you may want to keep an eye on.
IndieGala site preview


The name of this site may make it seem as if it’s a place for indie-only games, but it does actually include AAA games that can be bought at a great discount. IndieGala even works with over 300 publishers. Other than that, IndieGala is indeed an indie-focused platform with various indie bundles of Steam games available for a cheap price. In an effort to support indie developers IndieGala has a section called ‘Devs showcase’, home to numerous games playable for free. It’s a way of helping developers get feedback, and you can set up a developer account and upload your own work too. Known for developing Die Young and publishing and co-developing Blockstorm, IndieGala might be a nice place to check if you’re looking for some indie games.
GreenManGaming site preview

Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming may be another place to keep an eye on for bundles. Bundles here however are bought in full, and don’t seem to have an option to selectively buy some items for a lower price. Apart from that the store has many discounts on all kinds of games for various platforms, even ones out in Steam Early Access. The site also has its own blog section featuring various gaming news. There’s also Game Hubs, a place to find more useful info on games you’re interested in.
Groupees site preview


Groupees is a nice site that has the same system for bundles as Humble Bundle. In fact, Groupees also supports charities, giving you the option of whether to donate to one or not before purchasing a bundle. The percentage that can be donated varies from bundle to bundle, as each bundle has one charity you can donate to. Apart from game bundles, music, comic and e-book bundles can be found too. Register and chat with others in the community using the chatbox featuring channels suited to currently available bundles. Add posts on your profile wall, take part in public trading and more.
EpicBundle site preview

Epic Bundle

Epic Bundle is the go-to site if you want to stay up to date with all known websites featuring bundles, including of course Humble Bundle. The Active Bundle Countdown section lets you view currently available bundles and the time left to purchase them in one place, showing bundles from Fanatical, Groupees, Humble Bundle and more. Coupled with a list of free games, Epic Bundle might be worth checking out and subscribing to its newsletter, keeping you updated on any new bundles on any popular bundle sites.
DailyIndieGame site preview

Daily Indie Game

At Daily Indie Game you can find pretty cheap bundles priced around a dollar, some a bit higher, and some even lower. All of them are game bundles, and all of the titles included are available on Steam, but most of these indie games are relatively unknown. Bundles aside, there are also giveaways which cost a cent to enter and only have room for 25 to enter, randomly picking a participant once the capacity is full. Those who would like to publish their game on this site can do in two different ways: one where you earn 70% on sales, and the other where they buy a number of Steam keys upfront from you. site preview is the most popular platform for indie games. Apart from finding well-made indie titles, is also home to some nice game dev tools, assets and more. There are bundles as well, which may contain the items previously mentioned, but there’s much more to this site than just bundles. The platform is also the place to some of the biggest game jams, allowing any user to host one. Even game dev job listings can be found. Purchase great games and find decent free downloadable and browser indie games. Those who want to upload their project can freely do so, setting their customizable page as well as any price they want or simply making it free with an option for users to pay anything they want. Sellers get to earn as much as they want, as lets you decide how much % you want to give to the site.
Storybundle site preview


If you’re an avid book reader and want to get many indie books bundled at a nice price, then StoryBundle is the site to keep an eye on. It uses a pay what you want system, giving you the choice to decide how much money goes the site and how much to the book author. The site also allows you to support charities and those with Kindle can have the books directly placed onto their device, but those using other readers can easily download the books they purchase. Those who pay a minimum of $15 get a whopping bonus of 17 books. If you like reading and would like to support indie authors, then StoryBundle is a great place to buy books from; sometimes it may not have a bundle ready, but they notify via e-mail whenever there is one.
Bunchkeys site preview


Bunch Keys is a gaming-centered bundle site. Games bought here are ones you can redeem on Steam, while developers looking to promote their indie title can do so if they deem it fitting for their site. There are also giveaways while bundles feature tiers, letting you buy 1, 5 or more games at neat, appropriate prices.
G2a site preview


G2A is a well-known site for buying and selling game keys. Find Steam, Origin, Xbox games and more at discounted prices, or check out products such as mice, keyboards, smartphones and more. Those who opt for the G2A Plus monthly subscription priced at €1.99/month can get even lower prices on games than usual. G2A Plus members also have access to giveaways and can earn 7 loot points every month, points that can be used to buy cases featuring a number of keys revealed after purchasing.
Kinguin site preview


Kinguin is a marketplace for buying game keys at a cheaper price. There are software bundles and game bundles but not much attention is really put to them on a site with loads of titles for Steam, GoG, Uplay and more. It has its own currency called Ninja Krowns that users can earn daily but also earn on every euro spent as well as by destroying Ninja Items they don’t need found in Ninja Packs. Use Ninja Krowns to take part in AAA giveaways and buy Ninja Packs featuring 4 random items.
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