G2a Alternatives and Similar Sites

Below you will find the brief info about G2a, user reviews and the list of the most similar sites.

Some Facts About G2a

G2A is a digital platform known for buying and reselling game keys. Find trending products and great discounts on a variety of different games. Whether you’re looking for a Steam, Origin, PSN or Xbox key or a key for any other launcher or console, you’ll most likely find someone selling it on G2A. View bestsellers, see the latest video game releases or scroll through the pre-order section and get ready to play an anticipated title on launch. Use price filters to search for keys priced up to 1 euro, 2 euros, 5 euros and more. Acquire G2A Plus subscription for €1.99/month for a wealth of benefits such as lower prices, giveaways and more.

G2a Features

  • Most popular marketplace for reselling game keys
  • Find low prices on excellent titles; keys for various launchers and consoles
  • Filter by price, view bestsellers and more
  • G2A Plus subscription includes even better discounts, giveaways and more

Sites Like G2a

If you’re looking for more sites that have lower prices on games than you would usually find, then this list of sites like G2A is full of them. Perhaps you might like some of these more than G2A. Whatever the case, scroll down below to find sites that might be a welcome addition next to G2A when it comes to purchasing video games.

Kinguin site preview


You’ve most likely heard of this marketplace earlier, a site where anyone can sell game keys just like on G2A. Buy keys from recommended, 5-star rated sellers and use site currency called Ninja Krowns. Ninja Krowns are used for participating in AAA giveaways, gaining discount code vouchers and purchasing Ninja Packs, packs that contain 4 random items of varying rarity that you can either redeem or destroy. Ninja Krowns can be earned daily, by destroying items found in Ninja Packs, redeeming Ninja Vouchers but also by buying keys. You may not be able to buy merchandise and electronics, but software and game keys for Steam, Origin, PS4 and more can also be found.
Gamivo site preview


Gamivo is another similar site to buy cheap game keys from. Find great live discounts or opt for the monthly VIP subscription service called Gamivo Smart for even better exclusive discounts. For $2.25/month, Gamivo Smart also features giveaways, pre-order priority, live chat with customer service as well as notifications on the best deals available. Whether you’re looking to use the site for selling or buying, anyone can be a part of Gamivo Affiliate, where you share a referral link. Those who do register and buy games through it get you to earn 8%.
CDkeys site preview


The main difference between CDKeys and G2A is the fact that you can’t sell game keys on CDKeys, meaning that all games on it are sold by the site itself, buying from various places around the world in order to offer great prices for you. Check out daily deals, games on sale, newly-released titles as well as ones coming soon that you can pre-order on the site at a discount, purchasing using one of the various different payment methods, including PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin and more. Each game has a review section so you can see whether it’s safe to buy it or not. The site also has an affiliate program so you can earn 5% on every purchase your referral makes, with a minimum of £10 needed to withdraw the funds via PayPal, either on a weekly or monthly basis.
Eneba site preview


As with G2A, tread with caution and keep an eye on which seller you buy from as well as how many ratings they have rather than just looking at the price; some have had a positive experience, and some have not. You don’t have to register to buy, but having an account does give you a place to see all purchased keys in one place. If you’re subscribed to their newsletter then there’s a chance to receive discount codes to use on checkout, while completing the purchase can be done with PayPal or credit/debit card.
GreenManGaming site preview

Green Man Gaming

No worries about scams here, as Green Man Gaming is an official retailer, so all games listed on it come directly from publishers and developers. Find top-notch discounts in the ‘Hot Deals’ area, check out titles coming in the near future available for pre-order and find not only new releases but also ones that are in Steam’s Early Access. There’s a specific section for great indie games, too! Other items such as soundtracks, art books, season passes, game currencies and more can be bought here. At Game Hubs you can find more info on a number of different games while gaming news can be found at Newsroom. It is overall a trustworthy store that works with Valve, Ubisoft, Capcom, Bethesda and more companies to offer you games at cheaper prices, and thus is well worth checking out!
HRKgame site preview


HRK Game actually has some connection to G2A: it uses the online payment gateway G2A Pay to handle payments, so there’s a lot of payment methods available for use. You can’t see sellers and their ratings, though sellers can apply to work with them, offering keys while the platform distributes them. Developers and publishers can actually work with them and there indeed are some who are official partners, the most notable being companies such as Iceberg Interactive and 1C Publishing. Fitting to its name that is short for Hot Random Keys, the site lets you buy mystery keys, but it also has a ‘Make Bundle’ system where you pick the available games to add to the bundle. Bundles vary in price, with ones having 5 games costing €0.99, 10 games €1.89 and 15 games €2.79. All of the games available for bundling are officially licensed and gained directly from publishers.
MMOGA site preview


Contrary to its name, MMOGA is not only a place to buy virtual currencies and items for MMOs, but it also has any other kind of game, just like G2A. Unlike G2A, MMOGA doesn’t show who is offering the product nor is their rating displayed, so as always with resellers, beware. It is supposedly one of the first services of its kind in Europe, and aside from regular great discounts, it also has loyalty discounts, where you have 5 rebate levels, 4 of which depend on the amount of money spent in the last 90 days, while ‘Lifetime Patron’ level does not take time into account, meaning if you spend a total of €3000 or more on the site then you have a bonus 10% discount.
InstantGaming site preview

Instant Gaming

There are no individual sellers at Instant Gaming. Instead, the staff behind the site purchases games in large amounts, making it possible for them to sell at lower prices. They accept PayPal, Skrill, Paysafecard and HiPay. Find reviews on games, or even watch Twitch livestreams from streamers partnered with them.
GamesPlanet site preview


GamesPlanet is a trustworthy authorized retailer that’s been running smooth and steady since 2006. It only has PC games for Windows, Mac and Linux, so if you’re looking for discounted console games then this isn’t what you’re looking for, but if you want a reliable store for buying PC games without worrying about being ripped off, then GamesPlanet is well worth a look as it features weekly deals, flash sales and more, all while working with many well-known publishers, including EA, Devolver Digital, CD Projekt Red and more. View best-selling games on the store and hop over to the Community section for news on games that can be bought there, as well as videos either from YouTubers partnered with them or regular users – you too can upload videos so long as you have a YouTube channel.
GamersGate site preview


GamersGate is a digital platform home to over 6000 games from both AAA and indie companies selling Windows, Mac, Linux and Android titles. It’s an official store and there are no ways for individuals to sell here. Find discounted titles over on the Offers section or check out really cheap games in the $1 or less area. The site has its own currency called Blue Coins, which can be purchased but also earned by reviewing games, rating them and taking part in the Game Tutor program, a place where users ask various questions, while those who give them the right answer earn Blue Coins.
GamesDeal site preview


Whether you’re looking for game cards or PC/console games, GamesDeal has it all. Some purchases may require phone calls before receiving your game key, and the delivery time can vary. They look to offer games for cheap, but despite not being a place like G2A with individual sellers, experiences from users are quite varied, so if you really can’t find a good price on other sites on this list then maybe you should check it out.
G2play site preview


Though the name is similar, G2Play doesn’t seem to have anything to do with G2A. As for the site itself, it is similar to G2A, letting you sell or buy games from various sellers at various prices. Has everything like G2A, except physical products. Those who would like to sell more than one key have to set up a merchant account, while payment is done via PayPal or Kinguin Wallet.
SCDkey site preview


SCDKey is a reseller site. Users can’t sell here, but can opt for an affiliate program to earn a % on purchases from referrals. It has a Plus+ membership that can be paid weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly and comes with exclusive products to buy and more.
GameFlip site preview


GameFlip is similar to G2A in that you can buy both digital and physical items from various sellers with varied ratings. It stands out with Game Hubs. Some popular online games have their own Game Hub, and here, apart from finding game-related items to buy, you can also find useful videos that help you get better at the game. There are 4 Hubs as of writing: Rocket League, Fortnite CS: GO and Dota 2. The platform also features gigs or services, meaning that you can find a service to help you out with something mostly game-related for a certain price, or you can offer your own service.
HumbleBundle site preview

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is one of the most popular stores out there, known for its varied bundles but also respected for supporting charity. There are game bundles and e-book bundles that let you get great stuff at once for a low price. Being an official distribution platform, there are of course full-priced games, but discounts, bundles and Humble Choice are superb ways to get things cheaply. Speaking of Humble Choice, this is the store’s monthly subscription service where every month they give out various different PC games, and it is up to you to choose which ones to keep. Those who go for the Basic plan can pick 3 games, while Premium users can choose 9. You also get the games they publish, beta versions and access to Humble Trove, a collection of over 90 DRM-free titles, with new added every month.
Fanatical site preview


Fanatical is a popular store with sweet discounts on games, software, e-books and bundles, even up to 99% off. Check out Star Deals, where 1 great title at a time is available for a limited time with limited stock at a great price. View games picked by the Fanatical staff and if you’re a student then you can get a 5% student discount by registering with Student Beans. You can sort by officially licensed publishers to find games from Rockstar, SEGA, Capcom and more. All titles on this site are PC games, and it’s certainly a nice place to find an excellent Windows, Mac or Linux game.
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