Etsy Alternatives and Similar Sites

Below you will find the brief info about Etsy, user reviews and the list of the most similar sites.

Some Facts About Etsy

At Etsy, emphasis is placed on buying and selling handmade items, craft supplies and vintage goods that should be a minimum of 20 years old. Items you find can be added to favorites, as well as the shop selling it. Register to become a seller and open your storefront to get exposed to over 30 million buyers all over the world. There are a few selling fees to keep in mind: posting a listing on Etsy costs US $0.20 while a 5% is taken off the total price when sold and PayPal has fees if using them to receive your payment. A listing can only stay on the site for 4 months.

Etsy Features

  • Online marketplace focused on an array of different handmade items, vintage items and craft supplies
  • Vintage items must be 20 years old or older
  • Listing an item for sale costs US $0.20 – 5% fee on sold items

Sites Like Etsy

Sites like Etsy offer diverse products to purchase, but also let you sell items you don’t need. Some focus on a specific range of products like Etsy, others less so. Whether you’re looking for more sites to sell your handmade items at or simply want to find a reliable marketplace to buy products from at a decent price, then maybe this list can help you find one or more sites that suit you.

Storenvy site preview


Storenvy is all about original, authentic items. Here you can find loads of different indie artists and indie brands offering creative women’s and men’s clothing, sculptures, gadgets and more. It’s full of diversity, and those looking to sell their own varied items can freely set up their own customizable store that allows up to 1000 listings. Those looking to post even more can opt for one of two monthly memberships. The Plus one, priced at $14.99/month allows up to 2000 products, and also comes with features such as the ability to have ‘super discounts’ as well as your own custom domain. The Pro membership costs $29.99/month and, alongside having space for 5000 products, also features automated discounts. If you like using Etsy then Storenvy is right up your alley.
Redbubble site preview


At Redbubble, you can find numerous interesting designs on a variety of different products. These designs are created by independent artists, while the products themselves are printed and shipped by Redbubble. This is a great service for those looking to buy distinct products but also for those who like to focus on creating the art presented on the item rather than having to do all the other busywork. Artists have room to choose how much they can earn from sales. The default is 20% off the base price, but the percentage can be adjusted to any amount. Combine the 20% or the percentage set and the base price and you get the retail price customers see and pay.
Bonanza site preview


Bonanza is another marketplace that focuses on having unique items in numerous different categories. It does have a nice, interesting feature though that may come in handy for sellers called the Background Burner. As the name suggests, the goal of this free online tool is to help sellers take care of unnecessary background of an image, making it so that only the main product being sold is in pure focus. You can let the Background Burner do its magic automatically or use its tools to manually edit the image to your liking. Of course, anyone can use it for whatever purpose, not just sellers. While it is free, there are also 3 monthly-priced editions. Selling on Bonanza is free, but using its store builder to create a webstore, a site outside Bonanza, is not. There is a 14-day free trial though, while memberships cost $25/month or $255/year.
Rubylane site preview


If you’re looking to buy or sell antiques, then Ruby Lane is the go-to marketplace. Ruby Lane is all about high-quality vintage and such items. It indeed has a standard set in place, as sellers must meet various requirements in order to list their items – requirements differ from one category to another. There is a listing fee of 19 cents per item, as well as a monthly maintenance fee that depends on the number of items there are, with the lowest being $54/month for up to 50 products.
Society6 site preview


Society6 is a great marketplace for artistic minds. From furniture and wall art to tech and apparel, many items with creative designs are to be found here. These designs are made by independent artists and the great thing about this site is the fact that they do the manufacturing, and you focus on making interesting art for various types of products. Of course, with Society6 doing printing, shipping, and all the things needed for the buyer to get the item, does mean that artists don’t get all the money. Artists earn 10% on each sale, but some categories allow a higher percentage, which include art prints, framed prints and canvas prints. Those who have a good following will like to make use of the affiliate program, getting payed 10% every time a referral purchases something.
Zazzle site preview


Zazzle is another site that allows sellers to focus on creating designs for a wide range of different products while the site prints and ships to buyers. However, this isn’t the only option; sellers can opt to be ‘makers’, giving full control over how they handle their products. This marketplace not only features independent artists and graphic designers but also top brands such as Marvel, Disney and more. Those who do choose to go the ‘designer’ route get to choose royalty rates from 5% to 99%, while setting up the store is free. The higher percentage you set to earn will cause the price of the item to increase.
Ecrater site preview


eCRATER is a regular online marketplace that anyone can freely use, both seller and buyer. The site allows 10 images per item and includes a free web store builder, a USPS shipping calculator and more. Those looking to sell can import their eBay products if they have any. If a listed item is sold via your own web store made with their store builder, then you get 100%, but if you sell a product through their marketplace, then a 2.9% fee is in place. The seller can also choose the payment methods that they accept. Payment methods include PayPal, credit card and more.
Luulla site preview


Luulla is a mostly female-themed marketplace with a diverse range of jewelry, dresses and more. Despite the emphasis it seems to place, Luulla does also have men’s clothing as well as some neutral categories. Those who would like to sell on Luulla will have to pay one of three monthly plans: Basic ($15/month), Professional ($29/month) or Unlimited ($49/month). Each of these plans includes a transaction fee of 8%, while the latter two offer professional seller stats. The max amount of product listings for Basic is 500, for Professional 1500 and for Unlimited, well…unlimited.
Spoonflower site preview


This store is all about fabric, wallpaper and home décor. Browse through various categories featuring many creatively-designed items. Spoonflower uses digital textile printing in order to prepare and send you an item made in an eco-friendly way. The designs seen on pillows, curtains and more are all made by independent designers. Anyone can upload their designs and sell them, while Spoonflower does the printing and shipping. You earn 10% on every sold item, but this can increase depending on your monthly commission. If you earn from $300 to $999 per month, then you can earn 11%. You can also earn 13% as well as 15%, the latter requiring monthly commission to be over $1500.
Zibbet Marketplace site preview

Zibbet Marketplace

If you’re looking for quite a similar marketplace like Etsy with handmade and vintage items, then Zibbet Marketplace is what you’re looking for. In fact, Zibbet lets you open up a store that not only lets you list on Zibbet, but also allows you to manage items from other sites and keep them in sync in one place, which actually includes Etsy. Doing so requires paying $12/month or $10/month if billing yearly, giving you access to easily list products on two of 4 different sites: the Zibbet Marketplace, Etsy, A.C. Moore Marketplace and Stitch, a website builder.
Artfire site preview


ArtFire is another marketplace centered on handcrafted products, vintage items that have to be at least 20 years old and craft supplies. Selling on ArtFire however requires paying monthly for one of 3 different shops: Standard, Popular or Featured Shop. The cheapest is of course Standard at $4.95/month that allows up to 250 active listings, but this one does also include a listing fee, meaning that you have to pay $0.23 for every item you’d like to list. The Standard shop also has ArtFire take a 12.75% fee on every sale, while the fee on the other two is 4.5%. The other two have no listing fees but are priced at $20/month and $40/month.
A.C. Moore Marketplace site preview

A.C. Moore Marketplace

This is another nice marketplace like Etsy to sell or buy handmade items at. Those who would like to sell can opt for a 14-day free trial, but essentially requires paying to Zibbet (mentioned earlier on this list) as they are partnered with them, meaning a price of $10/month if billed yearly or $12/month, both options letting you sell to two sites in one place. If you’re looking for another site to buy items from then here you can find featured shops, featured items, editors’ picks, on sale titles while searching through 5 different categories, all of which have their own categories: home & living, papercraft, jewelry, clothing and fine art.
Ebay site preview


eBay is not only a place for handcrafted items; it’s basically a marketplace for almost anything. Find daily deals from small and large shops, buy collectibles, laptops, PC parts, clothing and more or sell anything you don’t need or have made yourself. Some products may include free shipping.
Amazon Handmade site preview

Amazon Handmade

Amazon is also a site that strives to be a secure place for selling handmade goods. Interested sellers can apply to become an Artisan, and if they pass the Artisan application and audit process then they are free to set up shop and list their diverse items. Artisans get to have a custom URL and use Amazon programs such as Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), while Amazon Handmade takes a 15% fee on every sold product.
Cafepress site preview


CafePress is a place for buying items with custom-made designs, as well as purchasing products where you can choose what image it should have. Sellers on CafePress create designs for hundreds of different products, while CafePress does the printing when someone orders an item. Those looking to sell can open up a shop in two different ways: one that is royalty based with no up-front costs, while the other requires paying monthly but includes no royalties. If going the royalty route, then CafePress deducts 10% on monthly payments. However, this is actually a maximum of $10, meaning that if you earn over a hundred, for example, $200, then CafePress only takes $10 instead of a complete 10%. Those who would like to pay monthly and not have any fees can pay $6.95/month, $18.45 for 3 months, $34.95 for 6 months or $59.95 for a year.
Uncommongoods site preview


UncommonGoods lets you find a wide range of different handmade products. If you would like to sell then you will have to submit the items in order for the site’s buyer team to review it and decide whether it meets their criteria. The site also has a nice gift finder that helps you find a suitable item to buy for someone using a few filters. Those who would like to find and purchase unique items may also want to opt for Uncommon Perks, a yearly subscription that is only available for people in the US and is priced at $14.90/year. It comes with unlimited free shipping and more, while the site donates $2 to a non-profit of your choosing.
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