Ebay Alternatives and Similar Sites

Below you will find the brief info about Ebay, user reviews and the list of the most similar sites.

Some Facts About Ebay

eBay is one of the most popular online shopping websites featuring new and used items to buy. Pay with a credit or debit card with or without PayPal and save your card details onto your registered account to make shopping for the next item quicker. If the item delivered isn’t as described then don’t worry, with eBay Money Back Guarantee you can be assured you receive your refund if the seller is not willing to cooperate. Leave ratings and reviews to sellers and save reputable ones to be updated on any new item they put up for sale. Put anything up for sale yourself and build a positive, trustworthy profile to attract more buyers.

Ebay Features

  • Buy new and used items of all kinds from small sellers to large businesses
  • Leave 5-star ratings and reviews; follow sellers you’d buy from again
  • eBay Money Back Guarantee ensures refunds if seller does not

Sites Like Ebay

Find the right product for you, whether new or used all over the world. Sites like eBay serve just about any user who wants to buy a new product or sell their personal items that is taking up space but is no longer needed. We hope this list helps you find sites with great things to buy and/or sell at a price you’re looking for.

Amazon site preview


Amazon has been connecting the world with its millions of products available in one place for years. All over the world, people use Amazon to meet their needs. Amazon has a diverse offering in all departments at different prices, so you can easily match your budget. All sorts of deals and promotions are available every day and customers can always find something new and interesting. Amazon offers a monthly membership called Amazon Prime for streaming thousands of movies, series and other television events. With Prime membership, you will receive fast and free delivery at your home address for a variety of products even on the same day. Read books for free, listen to your favorite music and more for just $12.99 a month.
Bonanza site preview


Bonanza is an online marketplace for all aspiring online sellers who want to sell their goods. Quality products at affordable prices are available to customers all around the globe. Sellers pay a monthly fee to open their store, depending on the type of membership they choose. The simplest and cheapest is the Silver membership, which costs $20/month. A unique opportunity to start your own online store with interesting tools within the site that make it easier for you to list your product in a simple way in just a few clicks. Other Memberships: Gold, Platinum and Titanium give you a better opportunity to improve your store and make your products reach customers even faster.
Newegg site preview


Newegg is a store with a primary focus on electronics, which is the main difference between it and eBay. A global leader in the tech world, you can find laptops, various components for your computer, gaming commodities or anything related to technology. The store cooperates with the largest brands in the world to give their customers a unique opportunity to choose at cheaper prices the items they desire. Every day, Newegg singles out trending or discounted products up to 90% off, with free shipping on certain purchases. Shipping is available all over the US but also for 80 countries across Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Shipping rates and fees vary depending on your location, which you can check on the site, but generally, costs are acceptable.
Gumtree site preview


Gumtree is owned by eBay and is the first free classifieds in the UK. Buy and sell new or used items, rent houses or flats, find your dream job, find mentors, cars, pets and many more things Gumtree has to offer every day. The platform has a completely secure advertising system so that it eliminates all potential suspicious posted ads. Every user has transparent access to all potential deals. The Gumtree business account is designed for companies with regular advertising needs. Buy advertising credits, highlight your ad, and increase views for your ads and more. Free mobile phone application is available for both Android and Apple users.
Mercari site preview


Mercari is an e-commerce store with a variety of goods. Over 150,000 new or used items are posted daily, from wardrobes to toys and much more. Selling is completely safe and free of charge, with Mercari guaranteeing payment with an insurance policy, covering up to $200 in case of damage or similar. After each successful sale of a particular product, Mercari takes a fixed 10% for its services. For all gamers there is also a special Mercari gg store for selling digital items from your Steam inventory, with the same commission fee of 10%. Buyers are also protected, as the money is frozen for the seller until the customer confirms that he has received the desired and described product within 3 days of receiving the package.
Ebid site preview


If you are looking for a unique auction market with a large base of used and new products then eBid is the right place for you. You can buy various works of art, antiques, handmade items and many different products. Purchasing is available to customers in over 100 countries, with a wide choice of payment options. Registration is free for all members, and sellers can offer their products from 23 countries, with a commission of up to 3% on successful sales. eBid members can upgrade to Seller+ membership for €99.98 and enjoy various benefits, such as zero selling fees for a lifetime. eBid has a loyal system for all members who recommend a new member and register on the site through their referral link. They will get buddy points that can be used to bid on buddy auctions and get incredible rewards.
Etsy site preview


Etsy is a marketplace for all lovers of creative ideas. Independent artists sell their handmade products in various fields. Explore a wide selection of categories from jewelry, apparel, home décor, art, or vintage items that must be over 20 years old. Etsy has a very low commission fee of 20 cents for listing up a single product and a 5% transaction fee for transferring to a PayPal account, without additional monthly fees. With the powerful tools for improving your business and the educational materials Etsy has to offer, you will take your store to the next level. For those with bigger ambitions, there is also an Etsy Plus membership for $10 a month with an even larger selection of tools for your store. International shipping is available.
Ecrater site preview


eCRATER is a free online store. Payment depends on which method the seller has set out to pay. The available methods are: Credit Cards, PayPal, Cashier's or Personal Check. International shipping is possible. Anyone who wants to sell can create their own free online store in just a few minutes. You can upload a maximum of 10 images for each product, and you have the option to import your eBay products. If you have successfully sold a product from your store you will earn 100% of the sales. eCRATER will take a small commission fee of 2.9%, depending on your price set, if the sale was made through the main marketplace.
ASOS Marketplace site preview

ASOS Marketplace

ASOS Marketplace is a place for all lovers of fashion and unusual designs. The leading platform for all independent brands, customers will find over 800 boutiques with a wide vintage collection from sportswear to handmade jewelry. Find the product of your choice, save up to 30% on selected items in various categories. Your purchase is completely safe, but if your product doesn’t arrive or if the product is not as described, ASOS guarantees a refund. Delivery is available internationally and payment is via PayPal or Stripe. If you are a seller and want to open your boutique store on ASOS, it will cost you £20 a month and you will be charged a 20% commission on each sale.
Walmart Marketplace site preview

Walmart Marketplace

The Walmart Marketplace is a great place to sell a variety of merchandise for all who want to expand their business and connect with millions of eager customers. It features professional services for all sellers, with a variety of tools and resources that will help all sellers grow. Add your items and categorize them, set your prices and send your goods directly to your customers with different shipping methods. The partnership is completely free with no monthly maintenance but Walmart takes an automatic commission of 6-20% for each successful sale. The commission varies depending on the category of your product. To become a partner at the Walmart Marketplace you need to go through 5 phases of validation to be approved as a verified seller.
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