Mount & Blade Series Alternatives and Similar Games

Looking for more games like Mount & Blade Series? Below you'll find the curated list of the most similar games to give a try.

mount and blade series

Games Like Mount & Blade Series

Games like Mount & Blade focus on giving you the freedom to make your own choices as you immerse yourself in various open-worlds and enjoy sandbox gameplay. The Mount & Blade series has garnered huge popularity thanks to its fantastic combat and mechanics that let the player do what they want. Selling over 6 million units, the series has gone from sword-fighting in its original and much-improved standalone expansion, Warband, to the usage of firearms such as muskets in With Fire & Sword and cannons in Warband’s DLC, Napoleonic Wars.

With plenty of great mods to dive into, these games offer an endless amount of replay value as fans wait for the prequel coming in the near future. If you’re looking for more open-world RPGs like Mount & Blade, then check out this list of great games down below.

Kenshi game preview


Kenshi puts you in a huge world with many factions that you can choose to side with or fight against. This challenging squad-based RPG puts you in a harsh environment where you can be whatever you want, but it’ll take effort to reach your goal as you are not a powerful warrior that can take on anyone. There are cannibals that can capture you and eat you alive, you can be forced to work as a slave and more. None of the events are scripted, which makes the game a unique experience every time you play. Whether you decide to work alone or create a squad is up to you, as you build a fortress or free slaves while dealing with injuries in this intense game.
Blood and Gold: Caribbean! game preview

Blood and Gold: Caribbean!

Get ready to dominate the Caribbean in this open-world RPG based on the engine used for Mount & Blade: Warband. Engage in naval warfare, including naval boarding as you raise your fleet and spend a bit of time in taverns playing blackjack. Buy land and earn money through trading, or end up working in the mines and trying to escape with fellow slaves. There are a variety of missions and things you can do, and the choice is yours how you will make your way through the pirate era of this title.
Sid Meier's Pirates! game preview

Sid Meier’s Pirates!

Live the life of a pirate in this fantastic open-world RPG as you explore the Caribbean and find hidden treasures. Attack ships and duel the captain in boarding fights as you attempt to capture the ship and add it to your growing fleet. Take their resources and hopefully find a specialist among their crew that could prove useful throughout your journey. Despite its pirate theme, Sid Meier’s Pirates! gives you the freedom to play in any way you want, meaning that you could also play as a privateer. Help out one of the four nations and gain fame and promotion, leading to the option of even dancing with the governor’s daughter that you can end up marrying if you prove yourself. It’s a fun game with various features that let you sink hours sailing the seas.
The Elder Scrolls Series game preview

The Elder Scrolls Series

You’ve all probably heard of Skyrim, but if you haven’t played it already then you definitely should, as it has also received an updated Special Edition with even better visuals to a world filled with quests and choice. Mods are the biggest selling point of this award-winning title, so if the base game isn’t enough then you can try out hundreds of large and small mods of various types.
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare game preview

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

If you’re looking for more action-packed battles, then this first-person medieval title is for you. Gritty, realistic combat will keep you immersed in multiplayer gameplay as you use a variety of weapons to slash through your foes in various game modes. With the option to play offline and classes designed to suit specific playstyles, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a blast to play as you parry and accurately control your attacks in arenas, villages and more.
Life is Feudal: Your Own game preview

Life is Feudal: Your Own

Survive in beautiful medieval worlds in a feudal setting as you build and battle with up to 64 players. You can cook tons of different food as the game’s seasonal weather system affects you and everyone in a world where you can lead units into battles using the game’s formation system. There’s also a unique alchemy system in place that features so many different combinations to make that are even different for each player.
Sea Dogs: To Each His Own game preview

Sea Dogs: To Each His Own

Progress through a lengthy story mode as you step into the shoes of a young French noble and navigate the Caribbean while trading, fighting and more. If playing through story quests is not what you’re interested, then don’t worry, as this RPG doesn’t force you to play them at all. You can do whatever you want, be it living the life of pirate plundering cities or doing good things and helping the people that inhabit the areas as you trade resources and explore the open-world.
Tiger Knight game preview

Tiger Knight

This free-to-play MMO offers huge battles to dive into as you make various combo attacks and equip yourself with diverse sets of armor that are historically accurate. Play as one of three factions from the Three Kingdoms period or even choose the Roman Empire as you play in realistic battles in the PvE mode or fight in exciting PvP game modes. It’s a fun game that’s free, so nothing will cost you to try it!
Battle Brothers game preview

Battle Brothers

If you’re into turn-based games, then this 2D tactical RPG is for you. It puts you in a procedurally-generated open-world and lets you do whatever you want as you control your group of mercenaries and accomplish various contracts and stumble upon unexpected events throughout real-time exploration. Take care of your diverse cast of members, as they can get various injuries, some of which are permanent.
Rebel Galaxy game preview

Rebel Galaxy

Explore the universe with your trusty spaceship in this fun open-world space RPG. From blasting space pirates to negotiating with aliens while mining asteroids and upgrading your spaceship, there’s plenty you can do throughout your space adventure. If you like space games, Rebel Galaxy is worth giving a go.
Evochron Mercenary game preview

Evochron Mercenary

This space simulation has a huge universe that you can explore at your own pace, alone or with friends. There’s so much to see, and there is nothing to restrict you from going to any planet on sight. You can build space stations in order to form new trade routes and much more features. If the freedom to do whatever you want in a vast universe is what you’re looking for, then this game is for you.
Total War Series game preview

Total War Series

This highly popular franchise has games set in various time periods you can jump into. From leading the Roman Empire to waging war in 16th-century Feudal Japan, there’s something in this series for every history fan and fans of strategic games. The Total War Series has even taken a turn and dived into the fantasy Warhammer universe, making two fantastic games so far set in a beautiful fictional, war-ravaged world. If you love growing your empire in turn-based fashion, while commanding your huge army in real-time tactical gameplay, then you can’t go wrong with any of the historical or fictional games in the Total War franchise.

Some Facts About Mount & Blade Series

Mount & Blade

Make a name for yourself in the medieval war-ravaged world of Calradia, while slowly progressing and choosing your goal in an open sandbox RPG. Whether you will raise an army and side with one of the main factions as you wage war, conquering villages and cities, or doing something else, the choice is yours.

About the Game

  • Released: 16 Sep, 2008
  • Genre: Indie, RPG
  • Platforms: PC
  • Developer: TaleWorlds Entertainment
  • Publisher: TaleWorlds Entertainment
  • Official Website:

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • Processor: /
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Graphics card with at least 64 MB VRAM
  • Storage: 700 MB

How Long to Beat

  • Main Story 58 Hours
  • Hours Main + Extra 100 Hours
  • Completionist / Hours
  • All Styles 59 Hours
  • Learn more

Mount & Blade: Warband

Rule the land of Calradia in this standalone expansion to Mount & Blade. Mount & Blade: Warband improves upon the base game in every way, adding new weapons to its great combat system and implementing multiplayer support, allowing you to engage in large medieval action online with your friends.

About the Game

  • Released: 31 Mar, 2010
  • Genre: Action, RPG
  • Platforms: PC, MacOS, Linux, Android, Xbox One, PS4
  • Developer: TaleWorlds Entertainment
  • Publisher: TaleWorlds Entertainment

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz or AMD 2.5 GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 3D graphics card with 64 MB VRAM
  • Storage: 100 MB

How Long to Beat


Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword

Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword is the 2nd standalone expansion that upgrades the combat system of Warband with the introduction of firearms. Use muskets, pistols, grenades as you customize your army and fight or side with one of the five factions, three of which have their very own main story-driven quests.

About the Game

  • Released: 3 May, 2011
  • Genre: Action, RPG
  • Platforms: PC
  • Developer: TaleWorlds Entertainment
  • Publisher: TaleWorlds Entertainment

System Requirements

  • OS: XP/Vista/Windows 7
  • Processor: 2.1 GHz or higher
  • Memory: 1.2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Graphic Card with at least 128 MB VRAM
  • Storage: 900 MB

How Long to Beat

  • Main Story 27 Hours
  • Hours Main + Extra 64 Hours
  • Completionist / Hours
  • All Styles 34 Hours
  • Learn more
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