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Games Like Fantage

Games like Fantage are simple yet fun MMOs aimed at kids and teens but also enjoyable for everyone. Form new friendships as you explore various locations, customize your appearance, decorate your home, play mini-games and more. No players destroying your stuff to worry about.

Fantage might represent childhood for some, a virtual world that now, sadly, is no longer possible to visit. Running from 2008 to 2018, this cartoonish 2D title allowed players to create avatars called Fantagians. As a Fantagian, you’d explore many different areas set on a floating island filled with shops and fun mini-games to play alone, with friends or other players you might get to know during your time spent in those mini-games.

The shutdown title featured 3 different currencies that could be earned in a variety of different ways and used for buying many items. Owning pets was an option via pet codes or eggs that could be bought and hatched. Players could take on missions that included mini-games and puzzles to solve. Being a game aimed at children, players could visit the Fantage School where mini-games aimed to educate on various subjects were present.

Players had the option of hosting a party in their house, their home which could be locked for everyone, available only to friends or public for all players to see. Parties could be set to public or for friends and players could choose the theme of the party and the music being played as well.

Fantage will remain in the hearts of many all over the world. Whether Fantage is part of your childhood or not, if you’re looking for more games like Fantage that are still up and running, then we got you covered with this list of similar titles. Scroll down below for more social games like Fantage.

Poptropica game preview


  • Released: July, 2007
  • Genre: Massively Multiplayer
  • Platforms: Web Browser, PC, MacOS, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, iOS
  • Developer: Jeff Kinney Group
System Requirements: -
ourWorld game preview


  • Released: Sep, 2008
  • Genre: Massively Multiplayer, RPG, Social
  • Platforms: Web Browser, iOS, Android
  • Developer: FlowPlay
System Requirements: -
IMVU game preview


  • Released: Apr, 2004
  • Genre: Massively Multiplayer, RPG, Social
  • Platforms: Web Browser, iOS, Android
  • Developer: IMVU, Inc.
System Requirements: -
Lady Popular game preview

Lady Popular

  • Released: Nov, 2009
  • Genre: Fashion, Casual
  • Platforms: Web Browser
  • Developer: XS Software
System Requirements: -
Animal Jam game preview

Animal Jam

  • Released: 9 Sep, 2010
  • Genre: MMO, Fantasy, Educational
  • Platforms: Web Browser, PC, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android
  • Developer: WildWorks
System Requirements: -
Wizard101 game preview


  • Released: 2 Sep, 2008
  • Genre: Massively Multiplayer
  • Platforms: Web Browser, PC, MacOS
  • Developer: KingsIsle Entertainment
System Requirements: -
Fishao game preview


  • Released: -
  • Genre: Massively Multiplayer
  • Platforms: Web Browser
  • Developer: GamoVation B.V
System Requirements: -
Moshi Monsters game preview

Moshi Monsters

  • Released: 16 Apr, 2008
  • Genre: Massively Multiplayer, RPG
  • Platforms: Nintendo DS, Web browser
  • Developer: Mind Candy
System Requirements: -

Some Facts About Fantage

Explore a world of homes, shops, schools, castles, and much more in Fantage, a game designed for children. Decorate your home to suit your specifications. Play minigames and adopt pets. Go on quests and socialize with your friends. Educate yourself on numerous subjects, even host a fashion show with your friends!

About the Game

  • Released: Apr, 2008
  • Genre: MMORPG
  • Platforms: Web Browser
  • Developer:, Inc.
  • Publisher:, Inc.
  • Official Website:

System Requirements


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