IMVU Alternatives and Similar Games

Finding worthy games similar to IMVU may be a tough task and this page is meant to help you make the right choice.


Games Like IMVU

Games like IMVU let you hang out in social environments with millions of players as you dress up your avatar and decorate rooms to your heart’s content. IMVU is an online social platform that lets you create good-looking 3D avatars to chat and meet new people while shopping for new clothes to customize your avatar within one of the largest virtual catalogs ever. Use a variety of filters as you take photos in various poses or try and create your own content to sell in the catalog.

IMVU is also known for creating WithMoji, the first app that lets you send animated emoji on the iOS 10. If you have already tried hanging out with your friends in the world of IMVU and are looking for more social games like it, then take a look at this list of online games like IMVU.

Second Life game preview

Second Life

Second Life feels like a realistic version of Roblox that lets you create anything you can think of. Let your creative mind go wild as you create worlds for millions of players to visit. You can even share and sell your content or offer various services on the huge marketplace, including modeling, scripting, texturing, animating and more. Do anything that you want in the virtual world of Second Life as you design your avatar and visit beautiful user-created locations.
Lady Popular game preview

Lady Popular

As the name suggests, Lady Popular is a social fashion game aimed at female players. Customize your Lady’s clothes, hairstyle, clothes, eyes, skin and more as more content gets added every week so there’s never a shortage of stylish apparel for your Lady to shine in. Of course, beauty comes at a price, so you’ll be delighted to be able to go shopping for tons of different clothes using in-game currency. Create your own gorgeous apartment and get an adorable little pet as you participate in weekly and monthly contests for the most beautiful Lady, pet and apartment. One of the unique features of this game is the Fashion Arena game mode. In this beauty competition, two Ladies compete against each other in Popularity, an important part of your character that contains 6 different stats which grow as you play the game.
ourWorld game preview


Designed with teens and tweens in mind, OurWorld puts you in an MMO world featuring various casual games to play and other interactive activities to partake in. Adjust your cartoony avatar’s appearance as you attend and host parties, level up and unlock new areas to explore. Shop for furniture, clothes and more using coins while unlocking new dance moves and playing fun games with your friends. Earn “Flow” by chatting, playing games, dancing and more which can later be converted to coins and EXP. Uncover tons of “special” items, which can include tattoos, wings, mystery boxes, jet-packs, hoverboards and much more. Gift any item that you want to anyone and create groups with your friends to easily chat with each other.
Habbo Hotel game preview

Habbo Hotel

Chill out with your friends and meet new ones in this cute, pixelated world aimed at teenagers. Create your avatar and hop in designing and decorating hotel rooms with tons of different furniture that is bought using Habbo Credits. Buy pets, make games and invite anyone in your cool new room to have fun with, or join various other public rooms that may also include fun games for everyone to play. If you’d like to get even more freedom for your architect mind then you can buy the Builders Club membership that lets you build large structures and anything that you wish.
Gaia Online game preview

Gaia Online

Gaia Online differentiates itself from other games in the genre by going for an anime-styled world focused on the anime community. Apart from a wide range of customization options at your disposal, Gaia also lets you choose to be an animal instead of a boy or girl. Pick a Gaia Town you would like to live in and build your house in various styles as you chat in the forums and play nice mini-games. Mini-games include fishing, racing, jigsaws and more.
Twinity game preview


Twinity lets you explore recreations of real-life cities such as New York, London, Miami and more at their true scale. Apart from actual cities, you can walk in together with your friends, you can also find great user-made shops, clubs and more or try your hand at creating various detailed content yourself that you can sell and share with the community. Use in-game currency to pay for rent, buy fancy clothes, furniture and cool animations.
Woozworld game preview


Woozworld is an online fashion game where tweens and teenagers make their avatars look as best as they can to rise in fame and popularity. There are plenty of things you can do in this fashion-centered world. With new clothes released every week, you’ll always have different styles to try out that may help make your avatar stand out. Get ready to start your own business where you can sell various clothing and hairstyles. Hop on “Woozin”, a virtual social media platform where you can post, share, “WoozUp”, and show off your fancy looks. Trade clothes with other players, design rooms, host parties and hang out with your friends in a safe environment.
GoJiyo game preview


GoJiyo is an online social game featuring beautiful regions to explore alone or with your friends. Each region is filled with quests for you to accomplish that earn you Silver that you can use to purchase some nice clothes and even various fun vehicles to drive in. Meet new friends on your adventures in stunning environments while taming a huge range of diverse pets found wandering through various areas. There’s over 50 fun mini-games that you can play and over 200 achievements to hunt down and keep you entertained for hours on end. Construct a great, detailed home using tons of different customization settings and furniture. Navigate regions in various ways, including traditional movement, Click to Walk mode, using vehicles or by having tons of fun flying around and seeing great sights from various spots of the world.

Some Facts About IMVU

IMVU is the world leader among avatar-based social games. With over 20 millions of user-generated goods, you receive an unlimited freedom to personalize, customize, stylize, and animate your 3D avatar and environments around. You can trade with others and even turn virtual currency into a real one.

About the Game

  • Released: Apr, 2004
  • Genre: Massively Multiplayer, RPG, Social
  • Platforms: Web Browser, iOS, Android
  • Developer: IMVU, Inc.
  • Publisher: IMVU, Inc.
  • Official Website:

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