Club Penguin Island Alternatives and Similar Games

Finding worthy games similar to Club Penguin Island may be a tough task and this page is meant to help you make the right choice.

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Games Like Club Penguin Island

Club Penguin Island is the 3D sequel to the closed 2D classic online game, Club Penguin. First released on mobile devices, Club Penguin Island looks to bring a modern take on social online gaming while offering a friendly environment for users of all ages to enjoy their time in. Games like Club Penguin also look to give you that relaxing environment, but in their own unique ways with diverse areas and features.

If you’re looking for more online games like Club Penguin Island that you can hang out in, then we’ve got a list of fun games for you to check out right down below.

Animal Jam game preview

Animal Jam

Made in partnership with National Geographic, Animal Jam lets you explore a beautiful cartoonish animal-filled world as one of many lovable creatures. Customize your animal in a variety of ways while you experience the many different biomes of Jamaa. Apart from various educational facts you’ll get to learn while playing this online game, Animal Jam also lets you create your own den and even adopt pets as you meet many other players and enjoy plenty of fun mini-games.
Wizard101 game preview


This unique MMORPG offers turn-based combat in which you cast a diverse set of spells as a wizard from one of many magic schools (or classes) that you get to choose from. Whichever school you choose, whether Fire, Storm or one of many others, you’ll get to face many duels with other players and the evil enemies that lurk within the magical world of Spiral. If you ever wanted a game focused on spells and wizards, then Wizard101 is just the game you are looking for.
Moshi Monsters game preview

Moshi Monsters

Dive into a world full of cute little monsters that you can choose from. Hang out with other players in Monstro City as you beat daily puzzles, decorate your room and play many interesting mini-games. You can even have your own little monster pets known as Moshlings that you can nurture. Moshi Monsters is a fun online game that anyone can jump into and enjoy together with their friends.
Poptropica game preview


Despite being an online RPG, Poptropica is a title that you can immerse yourself in completely by yourself thanks to its various puzzle-ridden islands that you get to explore and solve. As you progress through these increasingly difficult islands filled with interesting characters and dialogue, you can also distract yourself with a variety of different mini-games. Customize your character with tons of distinct clothes that you can change on the fly using a tool that allows you to replicate clothes that other players and NPCs have. Overall, if you’re looking for an adventurous and puzzling title that also lets you chill out with your friends, then Poptropica is an excellent choice to pick.
Fishao game preview


If you love fishing, then Fishao is one of the best, sweetest online fishing games out there that you can enjoy together with your friends. With appealing top-down 2D environments and hundreds of different fish to catch, Fishao will keep you engaged for quite some time. Create your character, personalize your very own home and jump into exciting tournaments with your friends to prove yourself as the best fisher around. There’s no better free fishing game to try out, so if you like fishing day and night, then Fishao is a splendid online game to jump into alone or with your friends.
Petra's Planet game preview

Petra's Planet

Visit plenty of different and beautiful places around the world as you learn plenty of interesting things you possibly didn’t know about before. Find out more about the real world as you enjoy plenty of fun games in a safe environment for young players. Dress up your character to suit your style and customize your house in this perfect online game for children.
Fantage game preview


Hop into this wonderful and safe MMORPG where you can customize your avatar in any way you want, from the hairstyle and clothing to the accessories. Meet plenty of new friends through an advanced chat system that helps protect everyone from violent behavior. Not only do players get to have fun, but they also get educated on the way on various topics. Featuring its own online school, Fantage lets users play many fun games based on math, geography and more while teachers from around the world offer interesting content for young players to learn.
Pirate101 game preview


Get ready for an exciting journey as a pirate in this fantastic MMORPG that lets you have your own ship which actually flies in the air. Tailor your pirate ship to your liking as you customize the sails, cannons, anchors and more while engaging in exciting air battles. Trade and complete tons of great quests in the Spiral world whilst hunting for valuable loot. Not only do you get to fly and see beautiful sights, but you also get to explore plenty of colorful areas on foot. There are a variety of different classes you can choose from, each of which has their own special ability and is suited to a certain play style. You’re not alone in your travels as you have your own unique companion, while more companions can be obtained through various quests. Apart from diverse companions, there are also pets you can acquire from the shop or in ep
Habbo Hotel game preview

Habbo Hotel

Jump into a detailed, pixelated world where you can play tons of different games while creating rooms, hanging out, designing your character and even making your own games. With a Builders Club membership, Habbo Hotel lets you construct any kind of object that you want with simple but powerful tools. Join various groups and take part in many different competitions in this endlessly fun online title that you’ll surely have lots of fun with your friends.

Some Facts About Club Penguin Island

Take charge of a penguin with its own igloo in this immersive online game for kids. Decorate your home with items earned from minigames. Socialize with fellow avians at regular parties at Christmas, Halloween, Music Jam, Medieval, and much more.

About the Game

  • Released: March 29, 2017
  • Genre: Massively Multiplayer
  • Platforms: Web Browser, iOS, MacOS
  • Developer: Disney Interactive Studios
  • Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
  • Official Website:

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