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Games Like Banished

A city building strategy game, Banished follows the struggles of a remote group of outcasts as they attempt to build and maintain a new settlement. The town’s citizens are the primary resource. Players assign them to jobs such as hunting or building. Additional citizens are received through childbirth or the arrival of nomads who wish to join the town.

Growth must be balanced against sustainability. The citizens must be kept happy, well fed, and healthy to ensure the town’s success. Depression, famine, natural disasters, and fires, are all hazards to be faced.

The city building genre is one that has gone from strength to strength.

Kingdoms and Castles game preview

Kingdoms and Castles

Kingdoms and Castles is a medieval-themed city builder. Players start with a small hamlet and must grow it into a larger city and castle. Using procedural generation, the game world is a dynamic one with a realistic seasonal model and a tree growth algorithm to simulate forests. Players oversee resource gathering and town planning. They must ensure peasants are kept safe from dangers such as plague or famine as well as constructing defenses against the inevitable Viking raids.
Planetbase game preview


Planetbase is a space settlement strategy game. Players control a group of colonists trying to establish a new colony on an isolated planet. Oxygen, water, and food are all necessary to survive but the colonists must also collect other resources in order to become self-sufficient. The game requires players to carefully control immigration so as to ensure that they have colonists with the necessary skills. From humble beginnings, the colony can expand to a large base with hundreds of individual inhabitants.
Northgard game preview


Northgard is a strategy game inspired by Norse mythology. Players control a clan of Vikings fighting for control of a newly discovered continent. It is a land filled with riches, wonders, and dangers. Players must survive attacks from rival clans, dire wolves, undead warriors, and giants. Careful conservation of resources is needed to make it through the harsh winters. Players can assign their Vikings jobs such as farmer, loremaster, warrior, and sailor. There is a single player campaign as well as multiplayer challenges against AI or your friends.
Anno Series game preview

Anno Series

A long-running series of colonization games, the Anno series covers a variety of eras and settings from the medieval Mediterranean to the near future and beyond of Anno 2070 and Anno 2205. The games generally involved colony development and resource management on small archipelagos. Elements of diplomacy, combat, trade, and exploration, all feature.
Tropico Series game preview

Tropico Series

Tropico is a series of light-hearted and comedic games that has the player become a dictator of a small Caribbean island. Players can then shape the island’s future as they wish. They can remain true to the ideals of the revolution or they can turn the island into a tourist hotspot. Similarly, they can side with the US or Soviet Union to garner extra funding.
Cities: Skylines game preview

Cities: Skylines

The most successful rival to SimCity, Cities: Skylines is a gorgeously detailed city simulation builder. Players control every aspect of urban planning with responsibility for public transport, zoning, taxation, and road placement. They must also monitor the level of pollution, health, employment, and budget. Players start with a small 2km x 2km plot of land and a modest budget. They must then construct residential, industrial, and commercial buildings, as well as roads. Basic services such as water, power, and sewage must also be provided so as to encourage residents to move to the area. The game has numerous expansions as well as extensive modding support. The game can support up to 324 square kilometers, allowing players to work on their own personal metropolis.
Caesar III game preview

Caesar III

A part of Sierra’s popular City Building series, Caesar III has the player take charge as a newly appointed governor of a Roman city. The game’s campaign has the player progress in rank from citizen to emperor through a series of Peace or Military missions. Though primarily construction based, the game does feature combat and army building. Caesar III has a lot under the surface. Players must balance infrastructure needs with trade, religion, industry, and finance. Players must also contend with threats such as barbarian invasion, natural disasters, wild animals, emigration, crime, and disease. The game also has an in-depth editor and a free build mode where players can design their own cities without the pressure of objectives.
Zeus + Poseidon game preview

Zeus + Poseidon

Another entry in Sierra’s popular City Building series, Zeus is set in ancient Greece. Similar to other games in the series, players are tasked with constructing and managing a city. Players must deal with crime, disease, natural disasters, war, and other threats while ensuring their citizens are happy and the city expanding. Mythology has a much bigger impact than in previous games. Gods and monsters can attack the city with heroes required to beat them back. Sanctuaries can be built to gain a god’s favor which provides in-game bonuses and blessings. Hostile gods may attack or curse the city unless appeased.
RimWorld game preview


A colony simulation game, Rimworld is similar to Dwarf Fortress. A ship crashes on a distant world with only three survivors emerging from the ruins. The random nature of your survivors’ background will affect their skills and talents. Each planet is fully detailed with a selection of different biomes and environments. The game uses an AI storyteller to generate the plot. There are several to choose from, each with their own distinctive style and preferred random events. The storyteller determines the storms, pirate raids, traders, and other incidents that affect your colony. Your survivors react to the environment around them. They can feel hunger, fatigue, sadness, and other emotions. The simple graphics belie the complex gameplay. Injuries to different body parts will have differing effects on colonists.
Prison Architect game preview

Prison Architect

Prison Architect is a construction and management simulation. A top-down 2D game, it tasks the player with building and running a prison. As the combined role of architect and governor, players decide how to expand and control the prison. The prison’s schedule is determined by the player, as well as the activities available to the inmates. There is also an escape mode that has the player as a prisoner attempting to break out.
Rise to Ruins game preview

Rise to Ruins

Rise to Ruins is a cross between a god game and a village simulator. Players manage a village but also have access to a variety of godlike abilities. They can alter terrain, speed up productivity, pick up villagers or monsters, and blast enemies with magic. The game offers three modes, Peaceful, Survival, and Sandbox. Survival is a brutal simulation which tests a player’s skill. Peaceful is more forgiving with players focusing more on villager well being than their survival. Sandbox allows players to tinker with and edit game mechanics.
Factorio game preview


Factorio is a game about building and maintaining factories. Players mine resources, research technology, build and upgrade structures, as well as fighting enemies. The more you exploit the planet resources, the more you antagonize the locals. The world is 2d and infinite, the player can challenge in pre-built scenarios or else collaborate with friends in free play mode to expand and develop their factories. The game has modding support as well as an in-depth map editor that allows players to bring their own creations to life.
Stronghold Series game preview

Stronghold Series

A classic strategy game, the Stronghold series is at its core about building and managing the life of a castle. Those looking for games like Banished with combat are in luck. Players must balance growth with sustainability to ensure that their workers are well fed as well as crime and disease kept at bay. To train soldiers they must make the weapons and armor, as well as raise taxes to pay for them. The games offer a mix of single missions and full campaigns. Players can also choose to play more economy focused missions, restricting combat to bandit raids and wild animals. A popular siege mode challenges players to defend or attack historical castles.
Project AURA game preview

Project AURA

A strategy and simulation game, Project AURA follows the struggles of a group of survivors to construct a colony after catastrophic climate change. Awakening from hibernation, they must construct a new society on the sea. Players decide how to train and specialize their colonists. Technology can help improve your research, infrastructure, and production. Colonies can be made self-sufficient or instead rely on trade and specialization to survive.

Some Facts About Banished

Raise a settlement with your group of outcasts as they farm, hunt, mine and more in Banished. Grow your town as you focus on managing your resources and keeping the population happy and healthy. Assign citizens to do various work as they age and raise children.

About the Game

  • Released: 18 Feb, 2014
  • Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy
  • Platforms: PC
  • Developer: Shining Rock Software LLC
  • Publisher: Shining Rock Software LLC
  • Official Website:

System Requirements

  • OS: Win XP SP3 / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
  • Processor: 2 GHz Intel Dual Core processor
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 512 MB VRAM DirectX 9.0c compatible card (shader model 2)
  • Storage: 250 MB

How Long to Beat

  • Main Story 16 Hours
  • Hours Main + Extra 37 Hours
  • Completionist 85 Hours
  • All Styles 30 Hours
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