Zillow Alternatives and Similar Sites

Below you will find the brief info about Zillow.com, user reviews and the list of the most similar sites.

Some Facts About Zillow

For citizens in the US and Canada, Zillow is one of the most known real estate websites out there for buying, selling and renting houses. It stands out with its Zillow Offers feature that gives you the opportunity to sell directly to the company itself, who will take a look at your offer and decide at what price they’d like to buy. It requires no fixing and cleaning on your part as Zillow will do it itself once they buy it and try to sell it themselves, making it a faster and convenient way of selling. Just a couple of information and pictures are necessary for them to decide the value. Otherwise, you can regularly look for potential buyers.

Zillow Features

  • Buy, rent and sell houses
  • Most popular real estate website in the US and Canada
  • Useful Zillow Offers system that lets you sell to the company itself, no house cleanup required

Sites Like Zillow

Looking for more US-based sites like Zillow? Then we hope this list, which not only contains similar ones with the ability to buy, rent or sell but also those geared to renting, will be of great use to finding a site that may help you better find the home you’re looking for.

Trulia site preview


Trulia may be under control by Zillow, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely the same; in fact, you might like it even more than Zillow. When searching for listings, you’ll get useful info about the neighborhood the property is located in. This part, titled ‘What Locals Say’ lets you read nice little reviews that summarize the important positive and/or negative points of the area. You can also see vote percentages on things such as whether it is quiet, dog-friendly; can kids enjoy spending time outside, is it walkable to restaurants and much more. All of this and more gives you a better idea of whether you should buy or rent the home or not. If you’re looking for a similar site to Zillow, then you can’t go wrong with Trulia.
Realtor.com site preview


Apart from being a nice seat for buyers, renters and sellers while featuring various mortgage tools, Realtor.com also offers benefits for military veterans and their spouses, and some listings even have 3D tours. Find agents in the city you’d like to find a place in and use the great mobile app that has some useful features, such as Street Peek, that lets you get info on a house for sale by pointing your camera at it using augmented reality technology. There’s also Sign Snap, a feature where you take photos of ‘For Sale’ signs to learn more about the property.
Redfin site preview


Buying using Redfin might actually save you some money, as you work with an agent who gets his own cut of the deal from the seller, while you get a commission, a small percentage of what the broker gets – though the percentage may be ‘small’, you actually save up to thousands depending on the value of the property. If you’re looking a similar real estate website that might help you better find a listing that fits your budget, then Redfin may be worth a look.
Rent.com site preview


Whether you’re a pet owner, a student, a military member, or fall under a different category - Rent.com is designed to help you easily find what works for you best. It shows you popular cities but also gives you various tips to help you make the right choice. Overall you can’t go wrong by searching for a place to rent with this well-designed site, containing listings that use an image-based section called “The Highlights” to point out the main features of the place, and some listings may also contain 3D or 2D floor plans.
Compass.com site preview


Compass.com lets you view homes that will be on sale in the future, but it also has listings you won’t find anywhere else – “Private Exclusives”. If you’d like to sell your house, but find it problematic to prepare in a way to attract the attention of buyers, then you’ll love the Compass Concierge service, that can do an array of different things, including kitchen improvements, roofing repair, floor repair, interior & exterior painting and much more. All of this does not need to be paid upfront; in fact, you only have to pay if one of three things happens: you sell the house, cancel the listing or 12 months pass.
Homes.com site preview


Homes.com uses an AI-driven feature called Snap & Search that allows you to upload a photo of any home, and the AI will in turn use that photo to find architecturally and materially similar homes on sale or available for rent. If you use Pinterest then you’ll like the idea of using Pinterest pins to search for a home. With over a million agents ready to help you pick the right listing out of millions, Homes.com might be worth a look.
Homesnap site preview


Featuring a broad, customizable search powered by real-time data from the MLS, Homesnap makes it easy to find interesting listings. It’s accompanied by a great iOS and Android mobile app which lets you take photos any house to get relevant info on it as well as its surroundings. It even has built-in messaging that lets you share and discuss listings together with friends and relatives whether they’re using the app or not.
Loopnet site preview


If you’re looking to buy or rent more than just a home, then you can with Loopnet. This site features various different properties, including restaurants, offices and more. Read various articles on retail design, office design and more as you save searches and get alerted of changes to listings marked as favorite. If you’re looking for a site with varied types of properties, then Loopnet is what you’re looking for.
Movoto site preview


Using the MLS, Movoto is filled with listings to find using tons of different filters. There are licensed Movoto agents you can get in touch with and you can also write down notes that can be synchronized across the site and mobile apps. Bookmark listings that seem most interesting, gain notifications on them, find open houses to visit and more.
Apartments.com site preview


Whether you’re looking for an apartment, a home, a townhome or a condo to rent, then you can’t go wrong with Apartments.com. There are listings with not only HD photos but also videos, renter reviews and images for floor plans. Some might even let you have a 3D tour from which you can also get a 3D view of the floor plan, or better yet: you can even dive into the tour with VR, using either Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR. All of this and more helps you more easily find the most ideal place to rent, and being possibly the biggest site for renting, Apartments.com is a must check for renters.
Hotpads site preview


HotPads is actually owned by the Zillow Group, but unlike Zillow which both allows buying and renting, HotPads is all about renting. It comes with a great mobile app that lets you automatically pay your rent with ease via debit or credit card or straight from your bank account. With the option of even scheduling payments in advance, these convenient features not only help renters, but landlords as well, who can use the Zillow Rental Manager to not only post listings on HotPads, but also on Trulia and Zillow. If you liked using Zillow but are looking for a site focused on renting, then this Zillow-owned marketplace is well worth a look.
Forrent.com site preview


If renting is what you need the most, then ForRent.com might be worth checking it out. Not only do you get to view tons of different listings with 3D or 2D images of floor plans, but a blog can also be found on the site that is filled with various tips that might be of good use to you. Listings may even feature 3D tours, removing the need to go and visit it yourself. The tours can even be viewed in VR using Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR.
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