Wix Alternatives and Similar Sites

Below you will find the brief info about Wix, user reviews and the list of the most similar sites.

Some Facts About Wix

Wix is one of the best platforms that allow you to create a professional website for free. Free templates, themes that are completely customizable for any type of site, with over hundreds of drag and drop features for easy editing. Wix also offers professional SEO services for getting a higher rank on your site, a domain name and free hosting. Creating a site is completely free, but for better convenience Wix offers subscriptions, 4 Premium plans with various additional benefits: VIP, Unlimited, Combo and Connect Domain. The cheapest monthly plan is Connect Domain priced at $4.5/month with limited features, and the most popular is the Unlimited plan for $12.50/month. Payment is made via credit/debit card and a mobile app for Android and iOS devices is also available.

Wix Features

  • Website builder with over 500 fully personalized templates
  • Various Premium plans for personal & professional usage
  • SEO optimization & free hosting service

Sites Like Wix

Sites like Wix are similar website builders that may be as good if not better than Wix. If you’re curious to know what other website builders there are out there other than Wix, then this lengthy list is for you. Perhaps you’ll find one that suits you better than Wix does.

Weebly site preview


Whether you’re looking to make a regular website or an online store, Weebly has you covered. You can use drag and drop tools as well as customizable themes for free with free SSL security, 500MB storage and of course a Weebly-branded subdomain. If you have your own domain then you can connect it by paying $5/month annually or you can opt for Pro, Business or Business Plus plans which also allow you to connect a domain, but also come with a free domain, unlimited storage, eCommerce features which Business and Business Plus have more of and more.
Squarespace site preview


Squarespace is also a popular website builder with quality, professional templates, nice marketing tools, blogging tools, analytics and integration support for popular platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and more. You can even use a iOS/Android mobile app to edit and upload content on your site. If you’re looking for a free website builder, then Squarespace is not it. It does have a free trial that doesn’t even require a credit card, but after that you choose one of four plans that can be paid either annually or monthly: Personal, Business, Basic Commerce and Advanced Commerce. If you pay annually then you’ll get a free domain that lasts one year, but other than that, you’ll be able to make polished websites that look well on desktop and mobile too.
Duda site preview


If you’re an agency, a digital publisher, a hosting company or an SaaS platform, then Duda is for you. You can try it out using the 14-day free trial from which you’ll be able to see its drag and drop editor, varied templates, pre-designed website sections, site widgets with support for custom HTML and more. There’s even a widget builder allowing experienced developers to create things such as analytics, a weather report system, image effects and more. Sites made on Duda are hosted on AWS, and you can choose between 3 different pricing plans: Basic, Team and Agency. Billing can be monthly or annually, and the first two plans only come with 1 website, while Agency allows you to have 8 sites.
Webnode site preview


You can jump into building your own website at Webnode for free. The free version comes with a subdomain but you can give Premium features a try too. It is overall a simple website builder that makes it easy to make a blog, store or any kind of website, with a diverse range of templates ready to back you up. If you’d like to just connect your own domain, then you can do that with the Limited Premium plan for $3.95/month. Other available plans include Mini, Standard and Profi, all of which come with a 1-year free domain, while the latter two remove Webnode ads, include Google Analytics and have support for online stores.
Jimdo site preview


Don’t worry about knowing how to code when using this website builder. In fact, don’t worry about any transaction fees either if you plan to set up an online store. Pick one out of many available designs suitable for various kinds of websites, integrate your social media accounts in order to easily import any info, images that you have on them and would like on your website. Websites built in Jimdo are mobile-optimized, and if you need to create a logo, then maybe the Jimdo Logo Creator could be of good use. It allows you to simply put any name, choose a specific category, and Jimdo will appropriate make a few customizable business logos to choose from, suitable to the kind of industry your business may be in. This logo creator is very nice and easy to use, with various icons, layouts, fonts and colors that you just click on.
SITE123 site preview


This website builder comes with free hosting, SEO tools, the ability to connect your own custom domain and create an online store. There are various templates you can use and all sites are mobile-responsive. The free version comes with 500MB storage, 1GB bandwidth and of course a subdomain, but if you upgrade to Premium for $7.80/month then you can get a free domain for one year, 10GB storage, 5GB bandwidth, the ability to connect your own domain if you want and set up an e-commerce, with the site’s floating tag also getting removed.
Mobirise site preview


By inputting your e-mail or connecting your Google or Facebook account, you can download this free website builder and use it offline! The software can be used on Windows and Mac, and it is packed with over 2500 customizable website blocks you can drag onto your website’s pages. There’s no need to do programming and the websites you make with Mobirise can be used commercially without paying anything. There are 5 free templates, and if you’d like to unlock more then you’ll have to pay for the Website Builder Kit, that is loaded with more than 75 themes and hundreds of templates, with more added as time goes on. While having all this requires getting past a hefty price tag of $3872, you might happen to view the site at a time when there is a great discount going on. Programmers can get the Code Editor extension for $69.
Mozello site preview


Making any type of website or e-commerce is possible with Mozello, even for free. When using Mozello for free though, the amount of products your online store can have is limited to 5, and the only payment method you can use is PayPal. The Premium subscription (€6/month) gets you a free domain and ups the item limit to 15, while Premium Plus (€12/month) alongside a free domain gives you unlimited item space, unlimited storage and support for other payment gateways other than PayPal, which include Stripe, Braintree, PaySera, Bilderlings and Decta. If you know how to program and use an API, then you can add in any payment gateway for free, or you can pay Mozello to do it for you for at a starting price of €500.
Strikingly site preview


Create as many free websites you want that are mobile-optimized with Strikingly, a website builder where you can even set up a store for free – the catch being you can only place 1 product per site. Of course this can be increased to 300 with the Pro plan, or 500 with the VIP plan; the former also lets you publish 3 Pro sites, while the latter 5 Pro sites, sites with features present in the Pro subscription, such as multiple pages (up to 20), the option to upload a custom font or use a font library and more. These subscriptions all have a 14-day free trial you can use, but otherwise are paid either annually, every 2 years, 3 years or 5 years. Pro is annually $16/month, while VIP is $49/month.
Bookmark site preview


Bookmark has an interesting system called AiDA – Artificial intelligence Design Assistant. With this great tool, you simply just have to give the website a name, define its category, pick at least 2 from a number of royalty-free images it gives you, choose the website style and AiDA will do the rest, quickly creating a site that you can adjust after to better suit your needs. You can even optionally choose whether you’d like to add a custom blog or e-commerce store with shopping cart before the website is made, as well as place optional contact details and site layout. To get a free domain as well as the ability to connect your own, then you’ll need the Professional plan priced at $11.99/month for yearly billing. For those wanting to make an online store, they’ll have to upgrade to the Business plan for $24.99/month when paying annually.
Volusion site preview


This website builder does not have a free version, but there is a 14-day free trial you can use to test the waters. Volusion is focused on allowing you to create online stores with product pages, product category pages, search functionality, a CSS editor, customizable, responsive themes that work both on desktop and mobile devices and more. There are 3 different plans plus a Prime Custom one, all of which have no transaction fees. Drag and drop store building, built-in SEO tools, unlimited bandwidth and more is present in all of these annual or monthly plans: Personal, Professional and Business. Personal lets you sell 100 products, Professional 5000 and Business an unlimited amount.
Shopify site preview


Just like the previous site on the list, Shopify is also focused on e-commerce needs. It too has to be used with a 14-day trial if you want to see what it has to offer for free, after which you either pay for Basic Shopify ($29/month), Shopify ($79/month) or Advanced Shopify ($299/month). All of these come with a blog and e-commerce website, a free SSL certificate, sales channels which means you can connect and sell on other online marketplaces, no limit to the amount of products you can sell and more.
BigCommerce site preview


If you’re looking for an e-commerce builder then maybe BigCommerce is worth checking out. There’s an Enterprise section for teams bust also an Essentials area where you can purchase one of 3 monthly or annual subscriptions: Standard, Plus or Pro. Your website can have a blog, product ratings and reviews, real-time shipping quotes from UPS, FedEx, Australia Post and more. Number of staff accounts, storage, bandwidth and products is unlimited in all 3 plans, and all 3 also have 0% transaction fees. Aside from having your own store, BigCommerce allows you to set up sales channels, connecting your store to eBay, Amazon, Facebook and more.
uKit site preview


Find more than 350 designs in 38 categories in this easy and mobile-friendly website builder. You can give it a try with a 14-day free trial and after that you can pick one of 4 annual, 2-year and monthly + 1 plans: Minimal, Basic, eCommerce or Pro. The 14-day free trial is available for the first three plans and if you’re looking to make an online store, then eCommerce and Pro are for you. A 14-day money back guarantee is available and there’s no need to worry about hosting as uKit takes care of that for you.
Webflow site preview


At Webflow everything works visually, even with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, though if you do know how to code, then Webflow by all means allows you to take advantage of your knowledge. Place various HTML elements and even combine objects into symbols you can use again. You can continue using the drag and drop website builder for free, but if you want a hosted website with a domain then you’ll have to upgrade to one of 3 website plans or one of 3 e-commerce plans, whichever floats your boat. Don’t expect a free domain with their annual or monthly plans – either connect one or purchase one from them.
PageCloud site preview


Over 40 templates can be found over at this drag and drop website builder that can be used with a free trial that lasts 14 days. Use Sections to build up your website pages and customize basically anything that you want, bonus if you have programming knowledge, as PageCloud, while beginner-friendly, also caters to advanced users, allowing them to dive into the source code. Integrate apps such as Shopify, Twitter, Instagram and more.
Webstarts site preview


Webstarts is a free website builder with plenty of different designs to choose from and adjust with a drag and drop editor. You can have as many pages as you want, with 1GB cloud storage and 1GB/month bandwidth. Upgrading to Pro Plus gets you a custom domain name and has your site submitted to Google, while the Business monthly subscription gives you the option to create your own online store, that can be visible not only on Google but Yahoo! and Bing as well.
WordPress site preview


The most popular free, open-source website builder you will find, WordPress is used by 35% of the internet and is loaded with customizable themes and plugins that you can use to add things such as analytics, forums, galleries and more. If you happen to use WordPress.org, then you’ll have to find a way to host your website, but with WordPress.com, they do the hosting for you, and there you can also find 4 different plans: Personal, Premium, Business and eCommerce.
Godaddy Website Builder site preview

Godaddy Website Builder

GoDaddy lets you use their website builder with a 1-month free trial that doesn’t require a credit card. There are great looking templates, more than 20 theme filters, an AI-powered system called GoDaddy InSight which offers advice based on data and more. There are 4 different plans: Basic, Standard, Premium and Ecommerce, all of which allow you to make a mobile-friendly website with SSL, a PayPal button, and more.
HostGator Website Builder site preview

HostGator Website Builder

Place live feeds from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and add G Suite tools such as Gmail and Docs as you make your website in drag and drop fashion with HostGator’s website builder. There’s no free way to try it out, so you’ll have to pay for one of 3 monthly plans: Starter, Premium and eCommerce. With the Starter one you get a domain name, free SSL certificate, customizable templates, website analytics, a domain name, free hosting and support every day. Premium adds priority support, while eCommerce obviously lets you make e-commerce.
One.com Website Builder site preview

One.com Website Builder

Start a 14-day free trial without needing a credit card and start making a nice-looking website without coding using various templates you can find by category and contain prepared building blocks such as image galleries you can place. Placing custom code is possible, and you can not only edit on your desktop but also via mobile. Plans you can buy do not contain a free domain, so you’ll have to buy a domain as well from their site.
Constant Contact Website Builder site preview

Constant Contact Website Builder

Constant Contact has a website builder that is AI-powered, meaning that all you need to do is input a bit of info and the AI will create a website for you. You can make a website for free, even an online store, but if you decide to pay annually for a Starter or Business Plus plan, then you get a 1 year free domain. There is a 3% transaction fee for free and Starter websites, while the maximum amount of products allowed is 3 and 10 respectively – Business Plus has no limit, and it has no transaction fee.
SiteBuilder site preview


SiteBuilder is the 3rd AI-powered website builder on this list. Simply answer questions you’ll get a customizable website ready to go. There are 3 plans: Pro, Premium and eCommerce. If you choose annual or 2-year billing then you’ll get a free domain for one year.
IM Creator site preview

IM Creator

If you’re a student, artist or non-profit then you can get a free license for this website builder and have unlimited hosting, access to all themes for your ad-free site, the option to connect your own domain and make an e-commerce. Otherwise, a Premium account for $8/month is available, and so is a white label solution for $350/year that includes reseller control panel and unlimited licenses for your clients on top of previously mentioned benefits.
Pixpa site preview


Those who would like to make their own portfolio website may want to take a look at Pixpa, a drag and drop website builder. You can add in a blog, e-commerce and client galleries. Use the 15-day free trial and then hop onto one of 4 different monthly/annual plans, each of which have a 30-day money-back guarantee: Base, Pro, Biz and Ultimate. Paying annually gives you a free 1-year domain, otherwise connecting one is also an option.
Ucraft site preview


Not only is it simple to make a free website on Ucraft, but it is also simple to create your own logo with the site’s free logo maker that includes more than 2 million royalty-free vector icons. Just like the website builder is drag and drop, so too is the logo maker. There are 3 paid plans, which have a 14-day free trial you can use without a credit card, and if you pay one of them (Pro Website, Pro Shop or Unlimited) annually, then you get a free custom domain.
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