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Below you will find the brief info about VRBO, user reviews and the list of the most similar sites.

Some Facts About VRBO

Vrbo, also known as Vacation Rentals by Owner features over 2 million listings of varied property types available for rent. View top destinations, beach destinations, find vacation ideas and more. Enjoy 24/7 customer service and secure payments. Create and name Trip Boards to nicely compile specific kinds of listings into one place. Search and save listings to Trip Boards; invite friends to help you out and leave votes and comments for listings you stayed at. View reviews featuring ratings from 0 to 5 stars as well as insightful opinions on the listing from those who have stayed there. Use various filters to search by property type, location type and much more.

VRBO Features

  • Over 2 million listings all over the world
  • Trip Boards lets you create and name lists of listings you find
  • Read renter reviews who rate using a 5-star system
  • Search by price per night, location type and more

Sites Like VRBO

Sites like VRBO make it easier to find the best place to book your vacation at. Browse through millions of listings featuring varied property types, from farmhouses and apartments to castles and yachts. Use filters to find places for families, pet-friendly properties and more.

VRBO, short for Vacation Rentals by Owner lets you find over 2 million listings all over the world. Whatever property type you’re looking for, VRBO will help you find it with tons of filters, while reviews of renters will help you better determine whether the place is for you or not. Anything you locate can be saved onto lists called Trip Boards. Name the lists as you wish to easily find the places that caught your eye in one place. Whether you’d like to keep the list to yourself, share it with a link that only lets those with it view the list or send a link out to friends that allows editing the list, is totally up to you.

View trending locations to book a vacation rental in and have peace of mind with 24/7 support, safe payments and a Book with Confidence guarantee received every time you book and pay via VRBO. This guarantee brings various benefits, such as payment protection, help with rebooking in case the property owner cancels the booking, the addition of a dedicated team for questions and more. If you haven’t used VRBO and are looking for a vacation rental website then you may want to check it out.

Already used VRBO and are curious to see if there are similar sites like it, possibly better for your needs? Then this list might be able to help you out. Check out down below a list of sites like VRBO that may put emphasis in areas you might be more interested in.

HomeAway site preview


  • Stay at villas, cottages, castles and more found globally
  • Over 2 million listings across 190 countries
  • Book with Confidence guarantee
  • Trip Boards; heart places to save, invite friends and more
Booking.com site preview


  • Over 20 million listings
  • Secret Deals can be known if subscribed via e-mail
  • Useful articles to help you make right travel choices
  • Join communities, ask questions and more
  • Car rentals
Airbnb site preview


  • Bookings to areas worldwide
  • Go on diverse trips led by experts; experience diverse cultures
  • Meet and work with cooking professionals
  • Enjoy petting and seeing diverse animals genuinely protected
FlipKey site preview


  • Owned by TripAdvisor
  • Blog and Trip Ideas help you find the right place to book at
  • View lovely kitchens, backyards and more with FlipKey Galleries
  • Receive personalized recommendations via e-mail
  • Save listings viewable on a shortlist, find trending destinations and more
Housetrip site preview


  • Find and book vacation rentals worldwide
  • Certificate of Excellence on properties with glowing guest reviews
  • Payment protection when paying using HouseTrip website with a card or PayPal
  • Numerous property types; filters help you find pet-friendly listings, locations with Wi-Fi and more
Vacationrentals site preview


  • Save listings you find and place in nameable lists called Trip Boards – share, invite friends
  • Listings may include Virtual Tours – 360-degree exploration of rooms and floors
  • Use filters to find fitting family places, luxurious homes and more
TripAdvisor Rentals site preview

TripAdvisor Rentals

  • Find beach houses, condos and more in over 200 countries
  • TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals Blog offers useful lists to help you decide where your next vacation will be at
  • Put up your own listing without any costs; only 3% paid when someone confirms a booking
Turnkey site preview


  • US-only vacation rental website; stay in cities across 21 states
  • Properties cleaned before arrival
  • 24/7 expert local support teams
  • Listing a property comes with a wealth of benefits: revenue guarantee, investment from the site, professional support
  • TurnKey assures maximum security and comfort during your stay
OneFineStay site preview


  • Private, exclusive homes for rent
  • 2 different collections; one for megalopolises, the other for villas in exquisite places of the world
  • A warm welcome awaits at your new home, with 24/7 support for anything
Homestay site preview


  • Book a room short or long-term
  • Diverse listings with diverse hosts
  • 15% booking fee paid on top of listing price
  • List your spare room, set your price, put minimum & maximum nights
Wimdu site preview


  • One of if not the biggest vacation rental search engine
  • Find over 17 million listings across more than 100 websites
  • Interactive map featuring numerous currencies to display prices of listed properties
9flats site preview


  • More than 6 million listings that include guest houses, private apartments, villas and more
  • Experience not only beautiful cities but also wonderful islands and regions
  • Booking requests handled within 24 hours unless listing includes instant booking
  • Diverse range of hosts
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