Udemy Alternatives and Similar Sites

Below you will find the brief info about Udemy, user reviews and the list of the most similar sites.

Some Facts About Udemy

Udemy is a learning site packed with more than 100,000 diverse online video courses, with new learning material coming out every month. Explore 13 main categories such as development, marketing, design, and more, all of which contain a variety of different subcategories, which too contain a number of topics to find courses in. Check out the most popular courses, trending ones, featured courses, popular topics as well as popular instructors. Use filters to get only free or paid courses, courses for a certain level such as beginner and more. Enjoy lifetime access, allowing you to progress through the course at your own pace rather than having to adapt to a certain schedule.

Udemy Features

  • Learning site full of paid and free courses that may have videos, articles and more
  • 13 main categories with subcategories, which also have various topics to choose from
  • Lifetime access allows you to learn whenever you want

Sites Like Udemy

Sites like Udemy are here to help you learn new skills and improve existing ones. This list contains sites which have either free or paid courses, or both.

Coursera site preview


Coursera features courses, degrees and certificates from top universities and companies, including IBM, Google, Intel, Stanford University and more. From art, business and health fields to IT and computer science, Coursera has various quality free courses, while getting a degree or a certificate is of course a paid endeavor. There are also MasterTrack certificates which can qualify as credit towards a Master’s degree. Of course, there are also paid courses, as well as specializations which consist of a number of courses. Coursera has a yearly subscription called Coursera Plus that costs $399/year and gives you over 3000 courses, specializations and professional certificates, potentially saving you money if you plan to enroll in multiple paid courses and would like to earn various useful certificates.
Udacity site preview


Udacity is a tech-focused learning site that has 7 main categories: data science, programming, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, business and career. Each of these has their own subcategories, which may have free courses as well as various Nanodegree programs. These Nanodegree programs which might be hosted in collaboration with one or more renowned companies come with technical mentor support, real-world projects, a flexible learning program and even a personal career coach and career services.
SkillShare site preview


Whether you’re into animation, graphic design, music, writing or UX design, SkillShare has many videos called online classes to help you learn and do better at these professions and other ones too. You can even find classes on lifestyle and productivity, and there are workshops that have a start and end date and consist of a number of classes to go through, sharing the work you learned to make by going through these classes. There are free classes, but there are also a lot of paid ones. In order to watch the paid classes you’ll have to upgrade to SkillShare Premium for $15/month or $8.25/month when billed annually, gaining access to thousands of great Premium classes as well as the ability to download and watch them offline on the iOS or Android mobile app.
Khan Academy site preview

Khan Academy

At Khan Academy, everything is free. The goal of this non-profit is to help offer free education for students. You can find math classes by topic, by grade (from kindergarten to high school) and there are also classes on computing, science & engineering, economics & finance and arts & humanities. Apart from these main categories, you can also find classes on college, careers, test preparation and more. Whether you’re looking to learn, are a parent who would like to create an account for their child or would like to use the platform as a teacher to assign tasks and track student progress, Khan Academy might be for you.
EDX site preview


Made by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, edX features courses you can take on for free, with the only part locked behind a paywall being the verified certificate at the end of the course. Aside from these free-to-take courses that span a wide range of different subjects, there are paid programs and degrees such as professional certificates, MicroBachelors programs, online Master’s degrees and more. If you want to take on serious self-paced online courses, then you may want to check what this massive online open course provider has to offer.
LinkedIn Learning site preview

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn has a section solely dedicated to offering useful courses in business, creative and technology fields. There are no free courses to be found here. Instead, you can either pay for a video course you’re interested in, or opt for a subscription that gives you access to over 15000 video courses for $29.99/month or $19.99/month when billed annually. There is a 1-month free trial available for this membership that also comes with personalized course recommendations, access to LinkedIn’s Premium Career features, the option to download and watch offline on the mobile app, the ability to earn a certificate that can be added to your LinkedIn profile and more.
SimpliLearn site preview


Simplilearn offers certified paid courses in tech-based categories, and there are also a number of ‘learning paths’ such as Data Scientist or DevOps Engineer which contain a number of courses to go through. Overall these learning paths are actually Master’s programs, and enrolling in them is of course costly. When it comes to free stuff, you can find free articles, videos and e-books.
StackSkills site preview


StackSkills has various paid online self-paced courses you can enroll in. You can search by course type or by the instructor. There are also course bundles that help you get more content for a lower price. If you’re unsure of whether you should purchase a course or not, then the instructor rating might be of some help.
Alison site preview


This learning platform offers free courses in 9 different categories, among which include language, IT, lifestyle and more. You can find courses with certificates, and courses with diplomas, with the former types of courses taking shorter to finish, and the latter taking longer to finish. While the courses themselves are free, the certificate/diploma at the end does require payment, and you can even choose whether you’d like to pay for a digital, printed or even framed version. Learning paths feature a number of courses related to learning a specific subject. If you choose to upgrade your account to Premium Monthly for €7.99/month then you’ll get exclusive monthly discounts, no ads, up to 50% off on certificates and diplomas, discounts that don’t expire and access to all CV Builder features.
TreeHouse site preview


It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert in a technology-related profession – Treehouse has courses for everyone looking to improve or learn some great tech skills. There’s a 7-day free trial, but other than that, making use of the content present at Treehouse requires paying for one of 3 different monthly subscriptions, each offering more than the last: Basic ($25/month), Pro ($49/month) and Techdegree ($199/month). With the Basic plan you get video courses, interactive practice sessions and the ability to chat with the community. Pro adds bonus goodies, the option to use new beta features and the ability to download videos. Techdegree gives you access to Treehouse’s Techdegree programs that can be self-paced and have flexible scheduling, come with a curated curriculum and projects to create, real-time support and feedback for your code.
Pluralsight site preview


If you’re into software development, cybersecurity, architecture or other similar creative tech careers, then maybe you’ll want to check out Pluralsight. It’s not free to use but a 10-day free trial is available, after which you either pay Personal Monthly for $29/month, Personal Annual for $24.92/month billed annually or pay for the Premium plan for $449/year. The Personal plans give you access to the full course library, learning paths, exercise files, offline mode, course discussions, mobile & TV apps and channels which are basically custom learning plans you can create. The Premium plan adds to all that Personal ones offer, giving access to interactive courses, exams and projects.
TutsPlus site preview


TutsPlus or Envato Tuts+ features how-to tutorials, courses, guides and e-books. How-to tutorials and guides are free. As for courses and e-books, well, there are free courses, but there are also courses that require paying for the site’s subscription in order to use them, while all e-books also require the subscription. For $16.50/month, you can get access to thousands of video courses and hundreds of e-books. That’s not all – you also get to use a huge range of different photos, templates, themes and assets found on Envato’s other site, Envato Elements.
Codecademy site preview


As the site’s name points out, Codecademy is a site for learning programming languages and tech professions. The available languages include Python, JavaScript, Java, SQL, Ruby, Bash/Shell, C++, C#, R, PHP, Go, Swift and HTML & CSS. You can view all available courses and search by language or by subject, of which there are: web development, game development, data science, programming, partnerships and design. There are basic courses that can be used for free, and Pro courses that require paying the Pro subscription for $15/month in order to gain access to all of paid courses and more Pro goodies, including community support, quizzes and more.
SitePoint site preview


For $9/month or $6/month when billed yearly, you’ll gain access to more than 400 books and video courses. The courses and books are all tech-based and when it comes to books, you get to use SitePoint’s reader which allows you to save code samples, diagrams, images and explanations, adding them to your list of bookmarks. You can even write code as you learn thanks to various code playgrounds available for use. Aside from courses and books, SitePoint also has a jobs section where you may be able to find a job position you’d be interested to apply for.
SkillCrush site preview


If you’re into programming or looking to get into programming, then SkillCrush might be for you. It has a 3-minute quiz to help you determine whether striving for tech skills is for you. There is a free coding camp for beginners to sign up at, a blog that contains nice tech articles, paid courses for specific skills and a personalized package that includes 13 classes called ‘Break into Tech’.
Edureka site preview


This education platform features tech courses, postgraduate programs and master’s degrees. There isn’t anything you can enroll in for free, though you may be able to unlock a video lesson of a course for free. Some universities may offer a scholarship test worth a certain amount.
Simpliv site preview


Just like Udemy, Simpliv has various different video courses across many categories. There are not many free courses, you can search based on price, language, category and 3 levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Not only can you find self-paced courses, but you can also find live virtual classroom trainings.
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