World of Warcraft Alternatives and Similar Games

Our list of games like World of Warcraft will help you choose the right game to play next and enjoy every second of it.

World of Warcraft

Games Like World of Warcraft

Games like World of Warcraft are massive online games that let you create your own unique character in huge worlds set in various settings. World of Warcraft has come a long way since its release way back in 2004, and it continues to live on with new expansions that bring a host of new content. The latest expansion, Battle of Azeroth, brings four allied races and a great new mode called Warfronts alongside new dungeons, new areas to explore and much more.

There are plenty of great games like World of Warcraft out there, and if you’re looking to play another epic MMO while you wait for WoW’s next expansion to arrive, then we’ve got you covered. Take a look at this list of games like WoW right down below; you’re bound to find something that you’ll love to play.

Final Fantasy XIV game preview

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV puts you into one of the most beautiful worlds you will ever experience in an MMO, with varied areas and detailed characters that help to fully immerse you in the Eorzea region. With this MMO’s unique Armory System, your class is actually determined by the weapon you have equipped, while classes are divided into four disciplines. Various abilities that you unlock in one class can even be used by other classes, helping you create exactly the type of character that you want. Once you’ve leveled up a certain class high enough, you are able to choose a job, which is a special class that further specifies your style of play, while unlocking weapons, armor and more that are exclusive to that job. With such fantastic depth in gameplay alongside plenty of other content, Final Fantasy XIV is an MMO that doesn’t disappoint.
The Elder Scrolls Online game preview

The Elder Scrolls Online

If you ever thought what an online title would be like set in one of the most popular RPG franchises, then The Elder Scrolls Online is your answer. Here you can finally explore the many different places of Tamriel together with your friends, while you enjoy its deep lore and great quests. Choose one of ten different races and one of five classes and get ready for an amazing journey that you will surely enjoy, especially if you like The Elder Scrolls games, such as Skyrim.
Black Desert Online game preview

Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online is an absolutely stunning game, with an amazing attention to detail unlike any MMO out there. This sandbox MMO offers incredible depth in character customization, letting you create totally unique characters that look great. There are no loading screens to slow down your epic journey through the huge and visually impressive desert which features dynamic weather as well as a day & night cycle, all of which affects the world around you. Craft all kinds of different items, tame horses, sail the seas filled with monsters, engage in intense guild battles, create your very own home, and much more. Black Desert Online includes fast-paced combat that allows you to create combos, giving you full control over how you attack, just like a 3rd-person action game. It’s definitely an MMO you have to try, especially for its diverse
TERA game preview


Unlike World of Warcraft, this MMORPG offers action-packed combat that requires you to aim and dodge in order to succeed in battle. This type of skill-based gameplay makes both PvP and PvE a lot more fun, and with a wide variety of races and classes to choose from, there’s no shortage of diverse gameplay to be had as you slay many beasts and complete tons of quests. You can even play the game with a controller, so if you’re looking for a fun MMO that allows you to sit back and easily enjoy its distinct world, TERA is one worth checking out.
Aion game preview


Aion makes you use your skills in a unique and powerful way. Skills that you unlock as you progress through the fantasy MMO can only be used if a certain skill is activated first. This means that you get to make skill chains, activating skills one after the other in correct order, creating deadly attacks. Apart from the interesting skill system, Aion lets you choose a subclass once you reach a specific level, which allows you to further enhance your character while more accurately tailoring it to your play style. With 2 factions battling it out in PvP zones while also fighting a common foe, Aion is an MMO worth giving a go.
ArcheAge game preview


ArcheAge is a sandbox fantasy MMORPG that lets you choose one of several races and do whatever you want in a varied and vast open world featuring a player-driven economy. You can take on many different roles, such as sailing the seas and living the life of a pirate, or become a trader and embark on dangerous trips as you trade many different goods. Thanks to 10 different skill sets of which you get to choose 3, ArcheAge includes a whopping 120 classes that you can play with. Crime does not go unpunished, as ArcheAge features a unique system that lets players run courts and even imprison players with varying sentences. These are just some of the things that make ArcheAge a unique and fun MMO that you should definitely check out.
Guild Wars 2 game preview

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2’s character creation system allows for much more customization compared to WoW, while weapons that you use have their own skills to suit your playstyle. This lets you change the way you play on the go as you switch from weapon to weapon. With dynamic events to make your journey across diverse environments even better, an interesting story and mounts that don’t just look different but also work differently, Guild Wars 2 is a great MMO that is easily enjoyable alone or with friends.
Star Wars: The Old Republic game preview

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic is a very story-driven and choice-based MMO. Whether you side with the Sith Empire or the Galactic Republic, the decisions you make throughout your epic adventure will determine whether you are on the Light or Dark side. Interact with various NPCs who can become your companions, enjoy great dialogue and pilot your own spaceship as you complete many missions, including ones with space combat. If you ever wanted to play an MMO that allows you to shape your own story with the choices that you make, then Star Wars: The Old Republic is the perfect game to jump into.
Blade & Soul game preview

Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul feels like a fighting game thanks to its intense fast-paced combat and fantasy-themed martial arts setting. Choose a race and class, side with one of two factions and explore a colorful world as you pull off various combos in epic battles while countering the opponent’s attacks. Breeze through dungeons with your friends, become part of a clan or prove your skills in tactical PvP duels. If you ever wanted an MMO that lets you explore a huge world full of quests while enjoying excellent combat and great depth in character progression, then Blade & Soul is what you’re looking for.
Runes of Magic game preview

Runes of Magic

A complex character creation system helps you create your character in just the way you want, while also deciding its race. This MMORPG features a multi-class system that, once you are a high enough level, allows you to have skills from three classes in total into one character. If you enjoyed everything WoW has to offer, then you will certainly enjoy everything Runes of Magic has to offer.
RIFT game preview


Rift thrusts you into a lively fantasy world full of events. It offers one of the most customizable class systems out there, where you choose your class or ‘calling’ and then choose a variety of different skills or ‘souls’ in ‘soul trees’. While you can’t change your calling, you can change which souls you use at any time when not in combat, which allows you to constantly alter your character to play in the tactical way you are looking for that could be very helpful in dungeons and raids. If you’re looking for something different and unique compared to other MMOs, Rift is the title you should jump into.
Lineage II game preview

Lineage II

A year older than World of Warcraft, Lineage II has come a long way with tons of expansions and improvements. Whichever of the 7 available races you choose to play, you’ll get to experience intense server-wide PvP battles where you get to defend fortresses, but also siege opposing ones. Each race has their own strengths and weaknesses, while clans can actually unlock useful skills as they level up.
Perfect World game preview

Perfect World

Perfect World features cross-server PvP known as Territory War where factions battle it out for control of many territories which can yield great rewards for the faction that manages to keep them. Customize to your heart’s content with this MMO’s in-depth character creation system. Get ready to see many beautiful sights because in Perfect World you can fly and fight enemies in the air right from the start.
WildStar game preview


WildStar stands out with its variety in content, game modes and gameplay. Combat requires you to aim and dodge rather than just sit around and use skills, while a telegraph system helps you predict when the enemy will attack. Apart from several races and two factions to choose from, WildStar features 4 unique ‘paths’ that help give you an experience that you’re looking for. If you’re someone that loves exploring and uncovering the unknown, then the Explorer path will give you tools and missions that fit with your interests. The housing system is absolutely great, with tons of options to customize your home and the land you inherit. One of the fun PvP game modes in WildStar is Battlegrounds, a 10v10 fight to the death. This MMO is a must try, especially since it’s free.
RuneScape game preview


Unlike World of Warcraft which requires you to pick a class, RuneScape doesn’t force any specific class on you, but instead allows you to do whatever you want with the same character, thanks to the ‘combat triangle’ which includes melee, ranged and magic combat styles, all of which you can use whenever you want. There are a variety of different skills you can take on in this free MMORPG, including mining, woodcutting, fishing, and much more, all of which you level up the more you use them.

Some Facts About World of Warcraft

Explore the massive and diverse world of Azeroth as you level up, get better gear and immerse yourself in the lore that this classic MMORPG offers. World of Warcraft invites you to a long journey filled with dungeons to raid with your friends, quests, island expeditions and fun PvP combat.

About the Game

  • Released: 23 Nov, 2004
  • Genre: Massively Multiplayer, RPG
  • Platforms: PC, MacOS
  • Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
  • Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
  • Official Website:

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: Pentium 4 1.5GHz / Athlon XP 1500+
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce FX 5700 LE / Mobility Radeon 7500 64MB VRAM
  • Storage: 6 GB

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