FTL: Faster Than Light Alternatives and Similar Games

Our list of games like FTL: Faster Than Light will help you choose the right game to play next and enjoy every second of it.

FTL: Faster Than Light Review

Games Like FTL: Faster Than Light

Games like FTL are content-rich roguelikes where every choice counts. If you’re looking for more challenging, strategic gameplay that can last you many playthroughs, then we hope this list fulfills your wish. Scroll down below and find your next favorite game!

Into the Breach game preview

Into the Breach

If you were wondering if the developers have any other cool game other than FTL, then the answer is: yes! Subset Games have managed to make another critically-acclaimed sci-fi roguelike, but this time, instead of soaring through the galaxy while managing a crew on your spaceship, Into the Breach has you use futuristic mechs to stop the ‘Vek’, dangerous aliens threatening to destroy civilian buildings. These buildings however, are also crucial to your units as they are powered by them, meaning that if all buildings are destroyed, it’s game over. Each randomly-generated playthrough is difficult and every battle requires lots of thinking as one wrong turn-based action can mess everything up. Conquer enemy-controlled islands; upgrade your diverse robots with powerful weapons and skillful pilots and more. With better pixel graphics, Into
Darkest Dungeon game preview

Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon is all about careful management of the adventurers in your party. This turn-based title tackles on the psychological side; the fears heroes could get from facing creepy monsters and delving into such grim areas. Diseases can happen as well, and personalities can affect how each hero fights. Turn-based combat is presented in 2D 4v4 action, and out of it there is a town with places to rest your team as well as a camp for dealing with injuries. With tons of classes recruitable, trainable heroes can have alongside their traits, Darkest Dungeon is a hard roguelike where each procedural run is unforgiving. If you don’t mind that it’s a gothic fantasy setting, then Darkest Dungeon could be a game for you.
Slay The Spire game preview

Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire doesn’t have you worry about crew management or repairing parts of your ship; instead, your focus is on building a powerful deck out of cards that you gain along your adventure which can feature safer and more dangerous paths to take, some more rewarding than others. There are three characters to choose from (and more are on the way) with each of them having their own cards, while relics you find only add more depth to your deck in a game with some great card design. The praise this 2D mix of cards and roguelike gameplay gets is not undeserved, and even if you’re not a fan of cards, you still might end up loving this clever game.
XCOM Series game preview

XCOM Series

One of the best turn-based franchises around, the XCOM games are all about fighting aliens invading either Earth or other certain places. The debut 1994 game UFO: Enemy Unknown or X-COM: UFO Defense is still praised to this day, but if the dated graphics put you off then don’t worry, as the rebooted titles, XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2, are fantastic turn-based games as well that remove and bring features to the table. The newer titles in particular don’t just stand out visually, but also with how well they can make you attached to certain units that you manage to keep alive from mission to mission, with their name and look being adjustable alongside the equipment they bring. Whichever entry you jump into do expect a challenge with plenty of tactical gameplay.
Renowned Explorers game preview

Renowned Explorers

In this fictional 19th century roguelike you get to form a diverse 3-member crew with each member unique and then set sails to uncharted territories. As you explore a procedurally-generated world in search of riches and glory, you’ll have to take on a variety of different enemies in turn-based fashion. The way you fight these enemies is up to you, depending also on the attitude of your crewmembers. Will you use weapons to violently dispose of danger, use harsh words to frighten your foes off or win the battle with kind, positive words? Each run is different as the vibrant 2D world is full off different events that shape your personal story. Depending on the game mode you choose, you’ll either have to start all over once your crew is dead or be able to save and load back whenever you want. If you’re looking for a diverse roguelike wh
Convoy game preview


What would happen if Mad Max and FTL merged into one game? Convoy. This 2D game, which points out it’s inspired by the previously mentioned names, is about exploring a wasteland on a quest to get the necessary parts to repair the crashed ship you were on. Combat is vehicle-based and in real-time; you have to defend your moving convoy using various different vehicles to blow up the raiders coming at you. Off the battle you’ll get to explore a randomized wasteland controlled by 3 factions, a planet filled with choices. Alongside the main objectives you can do side ones, explore and reach radio signals in hopes of good loot and more. Basically, if you’re looking for a FTL-style game set on land, then Convoy is for you.
Out There game preview

Out There

Just like FTL, Out There has you explore a procedurally-generated galaxy, but unlike FTL, Out There has no combat at all, nor a crew to give orders to. The focus is completely on survival. You never know what this roguelike has in store for you, as having a constant supply of oxygen and fuel is important. Mine resources on diverse planets and make plenty of choices in a game with 4 different endings. Basically, if you’re looking for a game like FTL but without any combat, then Out There is for you. The upcoming sequel is also one to probably look out for.
Invisible Inc. game preview

Invisible, Inc

Invisible Inc. is an isometric stealth roguelike that is all about infiltration of highly-secured randomly-generated sci-fi environments, using a variety of different agents and other useful gadgets. There are 5 different game modes, including a campaign that has great stylish cutscenes as well as fully-voiced dialogues. The amount of replay value and customization is massive, making Invisible, Inc. an amazing, in-depth turn-based stealth game that lets you play the game the way you like it.
Heat Signature game preview

Heat Signature

This top-down stealth roguelike is about taking randomly-generated missions that have you break into spaceships using a small pod controlling a randomly-generated character, and then dealing with the enemy crew in whatever way you wish in order to complete your objective, which could be to take some valuable cargo, rescue people and more. Get the job done, wreak havoc to the ship and escape. You can pause at any time during combat to decide your next move and there are plenty of different gadgets you can use that let you solve tough situations in various different ways. Missions vary in difficulty and thus in the amount of income you receive. As you start taking control of space stations by completing enough missions, you’ll be able to purchase more gadgets as well as unlock interesting characters to play with. Overall, Heat Signature i

Some Facts About FTL: Faster Than Light

Travel through a randomly-generated galaxy as you maintain your ship in this 2D roguelike. FTL: Faster Than Light keeps you on your toes, constantly making difficult decisions during enemy encounters and various events. Upgrade various parts of your spaceship and pause during action to carefully decide your next move.

About the Game

  • Released: 14 Sep, 2012
  • Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS
  • Developer: Subset Games
  • Publisher: Subset Games
  • Official Website:

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
  • Processor: Pentium 4 2.0GHz / Athlon XP 1600+
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce G 100 / Radeon HD 3300
  • Storage: 175 MB

How Long to Beat

  • Main Story 12 Hours
  • Hours Main + Extra 30 Hours
  • Completionist 124 Hours
  • All Styles 2 Hours
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