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Games Like took the gaming landscape by storm not very long ago, drawing players in with its beautiful and bright colors, and then captivating them with its intuitive controls and fun PVP gameplay. is a game no one ever expected but was loved almost universally, and it can be played just from your browser. So, if you enjoy its simple, fun gameplay, and are looking for games like, we are happy to give you some options! game preview

We all remember the old arcade game “Snake”, right? Well, if you ever thought just trying to get the highest score among your friends was not competitive enough, that is where comes in! You can boil it down to just three words: “Snake with PVP”. This is one of the more popular spinoffs stemming from, and you will immediately recognize the simplistic controls and fun gameplay as soon as you hop in! game preview

If you’ve ever played something similar to the popular online flash game “Bubble Tanks”, you have pretty much played, except with, you take part in a multiplayer experience. You basically pilot your own characters around a map, shooting at each other and objects in the environment, trying to become the biggest, baddest gun on the map. game preview

Another interesting take on that old game “Snake”, in, you also try to become the largest snake possible, all while avoiding the walls and trying your hardest not to be eaten alive by the other players! This will require quite a bit of maneuvering and cunning, and probably a few deaths as well. As with many of the .io games, this is incredibly fun and easy to learn, but difficult to master entirely.
Osmos game preview


Where games like have simple and uncomplicated visuals, Osmos is filled with complex and intricate graphics, all blending seamlessly with each other as you play. Osmos is a fun arcade game for all platforms except consoles, where you play as a single-celled organism who needs to grow to be as big as possible. How is this done? By colliding with other, smaller organisms and consuming them to bolster yourself. For any players coming to this after playing, this will seem like an incredibly similar game to, just with a slightly upgraded graphical setting. However, it is still just as fun to play!
Dogar game preview


Are you a dog lover? Then you will love this incredibly fun and cute take on the traditional setting! Basically, all of the little organisms you used to play as are now dogs! That’s right, you play as dogs. I guess you could say this game portrays a real dog-eat-dog world. This game provides a fresh and no take on the .io style of games, but aside from being a fun gimmick (kinda like the Power Glove, but less awesome), there really isn’t anything special about this game, as it plays exactly like, aside from playing as dogs.
Eufloria game preview


This game pre-dates even, being released all the way back in 2009, but it still has incredible and fun gameplay that makes it a timeless classic. You take control of a race of aliens called “Euflorians”, who live on and harvest resources from asteroids. You must grow your people from trees, and send these “Seedlings” away to conquer new asteroids for your people and battle an unknown menace. This game is incredibly simple, with beautiful graphics that will keep you captivated until the very end. A lot of critics are now hailing this game as the precursor to the .io style of games, and you can certainly see the similarities. game preview is a very interesting .io style game that actually provides both an interesting theme and a new, challenging style of play. In this, you play as a worm, and the principle is just the same as the other games: Eat small things. Get bigger. Eat bigger things. However, this game adds another layer on top of that to ensure that this game relies more on your skill instead of just raw numbers. It is possible to eat an opponent larger than you if you make him crash head-on into the side of your worm. So, if you have quick reflexes and a killer instinct, this would be a great game to check out on PC! game preview

This game is another clone, but with an interesting biological twist! Battle not only against cells controlled by other players but also against deadly viruses that threaten to hurt the cell you have spent so much time trying to build. Just one encounter with one of these viruses can split your cell into a cascade of smaller cells that other players will undoubtedly rush to steal away from you. This game is available both on your browser and on mobile, so you can play it from anywhere! game preview

With multiple different game modes and a colorful User Interface right off the bat, will grab your attention even before you know the unorthodox design choice that went into it. In this particular .io game, you do not play as cells, or guns, or even dogs. You play as slugs. Your goal is to crush other slugs to become the biggest slug around. With fun game modes such as ‘race’, ‘1 vs 1’ and others, this uniquely-themed game has the potential to provide a lot of entertainment in a light and silly form!
Nebulous game preview


Did you think was not simple enough? Did you think the color scheme was too adventurous? Well, then we are happy to say Nebulous is for you! Played on a plain black void, you are just a single-colored blob that has to use visual cues to know which other blobs to eat since there are no number counters in the game. On the bright side, this game is available both in your browser and on mobile, so if you are really into the simple (or “minimalist”) aesthetic this games offers, you can take it anywhere!

Some Facts About game deals with the simple strategy: bigger cells eat smaller. This is the main rule of the game and you need to increase your own cell. At the same time, you need to escape from the opponent’s large cell as it could eat you. There is also the split options to make your cells smaller.

About the Game

  • Released: 28 Apr. 2015
  • Genre: Massively Multiplayer, Action
  • Platforms: Web Browser, iOS, Android
  • Developer: Matheus Valadares
  • Publisher:
  • Official Website:

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